Forget Me…Not

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Not Without My Done One

P3. The Dolt orbs in to find Chris pulling on his sneakers. Scruffy Nate is nowhere to be found. Chris announces that he's "going back to what [he] originally said" -- that is, Big Chris doesn't have time to take care of both Tiny Chris and Scruffy Nate. The Dolt tries to argue, but Big Chris shuts him down. The Dolt mildly agrees to reassign Scruffy Nate, and orbs out. Chris rolls his eyes. I am so with you, hubby o' mine. That father of yours is a moron.

Meanwhile, back at the Manor, Piper cuddles Tiny Gay Chris on her lap in a wicker rocking chair on the sun porch. Sunlight filters in through the stained-glass windows to bathe them in a rosy glow. Tiny Gay Chris slobbers and breathes through his mouth as the camera slowly tracks backwards and we fade to black.

Next week: Jenny McCarthy? And me fresh out of cyanide. Enjoy!

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