Give Me A Sign

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Give Me A Sign

P3 After Dark. We pan across the patrons and notice Leo tending bar. Cut to Piper and Phoebe sitting in cocktail dresses in an alcove. Phoebe, sporting her headband made of red-hots again, ponders who "the source" is. Piper doesn't want to know. She notes that, "Boy, did we read Bane wrong." Phoebe is upset about reading all of the signs (sip) wrong. Prue, in a tight printed dress with nasty ruffled straps and a French braid so tight her eyebrows are almost even for once, joins them. She expositions about the cops taking Bane away. Phoebe asks her if she's okay. Prue's happy, because "he thanked [her] for saving his life" Phoebe sticks her foot in her mouth yet again and exclaims, "You must have been a very good --" "-- influence on him," Piper finishes. Prue notes that the "influence was mutual." She asks the docile Ps how they located her, anyway. Phoebe admits that she cast a spell to help Piper, but it ended up helping them find Prue. Prue asks Piper which of her beaux she's decided to choose. Piper: "I never needed a sign [sip] to tell me where my heart lies." She glances over at Leo. He beams at her. Piper smiles knowingly at her sisters. A slab of hard cheese the size of the TransAmerica building is deposited on top of Dan "The Juice" Gordon. End.

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