Give Me A Sign

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Give Me A Sign

Cemetery. Inside a mausoleum, a guy in a black robe with stylin' silver stripes is meditating in front of a big floating fireball. It's Steve Railsback, far, far from his career high playing the title role in 1980's Oscar-nominated film The Stunt Man. He's cast here as the demon Litvac, but we'll call him Wetvac because the character sucks so hard. Wetvac's lackey walks up to Goateed Guard as he enters the mausoleum and complains because GG is late. GG says he had a problem. Lackey figures out that GG screwed up and Bane is still alive. They argue. Wetvac makes his fireball disappear and walks over to chew out his underlings. Lackey makes GG get down on his knees. Wetvac touches his head and the scenes from Bane's escape from prison are played back for him, exactly as they were shot. I hate it when shows do this -- shouldn't these scenes be from Goateed Guard's POV? Right, Charmed logic again. Wetvac declares that he saw what GG saw. (But he didn't.) Lackey and WV are very upset that GG lost his -- ahem -- "weapon." Wetvac immolates GG with his fiery hand and dispatches his lackey to track down Bane by "following his dreams [sip]."

Halliwell Manor. Piper hands Leo "I've Fallen and I Can't Fly Up" Wyatt the ray gun, explaining that the Ps can't find it referenced in the BoS. Leo, in a nice navy blue johnny color sweater, says it's a weapon of some sort. Phoebe, in a red cropped cowl neck sweater and black stretch pants, is surprised. Piper, in a nice pink sweater, is surprised also. Count me in -- for once this season the cast seems to be wearing normal, appealing clothing. Leo can't figure exactly which demon the weapon belongs to, though. Phoebe goes back upstairs for more research. Piper walks Leo to the door and thanks him for his help, and his assistance running the club during her dilemma. He hugs her, and wishes that he could do more. TO HELP PRUE. Leo leaves. Piper leans against the shut door in the foyer and pines for him. On the porch, Leo looks longingly at the door and touches it gently. I know I'm supposed to be going, aw, how sweet, but to be honest the scene reminded me of the episode of The Simpsons where Rod and Todd Flanders encounter the automatic entrance to the Kwik-E-Mart and chirp, "Thank you, door!" So Leo is all, "Thank you, door!" to the piece of wood protecting his true love from the cruel outside world, and he departs.

Unconsummated Condo. Bane is all blah blah Prue is in danger now too wah wah she has to help him yaw yaw. Prue says she can take care of herself. Bane says she needs her sisters. Prue won't get them involved. Bane knows they'll come looking for her. Prue: "Not if I can help it." She falls forward in a trance.

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