Give Me A Sign

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Give Me A Sign

Unconsummated Condo. Prue is holding a bandage to Bane's wound. He's in pain. Bane tells her to forget about him and go home before Wetvac's lackey comes back. Prue is pretty sure he's gone for good. Bane tells her to leave. She says she can't until she knows he's okay. Prue's sudden change of heart wouldn't have anything to do with Antonio's shirtfront being open, exposing his rock-hard pectorals and well-defined six-pack stomach, now could it? Naw . . . Prue says that Wetvac probably expects them to have fled their hideout already, so staying there is the safest bet. She awkward-segues from talk of them "taking off" to requesting that Bane "take off" his pants. Bane: "Excuse me?" Prue says she needs "to get to the . . . wound," although isn't she already putting pressure on it without any problem? Prue threatens Bane with the threat of infection, and "besides, [she] can always take [his] pants off by force." Ugh, please don't trigger unpleasant memories of the prom scenes in Zapped! The Flute of Whimsical Badinage warbles. Bane smirks at Prue. Prue smirks at Bane. I think we all know where this is going.

Halliwell Manor. Sunroom. Phoebe carries the BoS in. She's getting "everywhere and nowhere," whatever that means. Piper, looking through Bane's file, has found a money-laundering scheme based on a real estate development -- exclusive custom homes. She shows Pheebs the brochure. Noting that it's named "Mariner's Bluff," she attempts to quip, "I'm sure the seafarers will be really happy here." Piper says, "Wha?" and makes Phoebe repeat the "love choice" spell she cast earlier. Phoebe does so, in a quick sing-song manner. Piper suggests that the signs (sip) they've been receiving have nothing to do with Dan and Leo, but "everything to do with Prue." She asks where Mariner's Bluff is. Pheebs tells her Bodega Bay. Batman repeats the other signs (sip): Mariners, Bodega Bay, Leonora Watkins. Robin finds a "Watkin's Exit" on the map to the condos. Batman thinks they've almost found the Riddler's lair! Robin looks at the map of the condo project. Batman asks him if the lost are numbered. Suddenly the television turns on of its own accord, and a newscaster reports, "In an exhibition game last night, the Mariners lost to the Angels 8 to 7." Robin sighs, and thinks that they're now back to choosing between Batgirl and Catwoman. Batman: "No, Robin. 8 to 7. Get it? 827. Lot 827." Robin finds the lot number on the map. Batman will drive them there in the Bat Sports Utility Vehicle.

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