Give Me A Sign

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Give Me A Sign

Mausoleum. Interior. Wetvac is sitting in his chorus-member-from-a-dinner-theater-production-of-Godspell robe, leafing through a book while his lackey paces around in front of him. Bane walks in and greets him. WV puts down the book and says hey. Lackey points his -- titter -- ray gun at Bane. WV tells him to back off. Bane wants to give WV the lost ray gun, hoping he'll be "spared." WV says he'll "take more than [that]." Bane shouts, "Now!" Piper jumps from behind a pillar and freezes the tableau. Lackey, Bane and WV remain still. Piper, wanting to "get this over with," goes to retrieve the ray gun from WV. WV is still active. Piper, hooting in fear, returns to the hiding place of the lazy Ps. WV proclaims himself "immune to the parlor tricks of witches." Didn't Bane tell them? Prue is sure that Bane "didn't know." WV says that Bane definitely knew, and he showed the Halliwells his "true colors." He whacks the Ps with an anvil by further elaborating, "His EVIL COLORS." WV conjures up a fireball in his palm, I guess to forge more ironworks. Phoebe tells Prue she's "really pissed" at her. Prue tells them to "wait," because "something's not right." Wetvac, "pleasing his source," enlarges the fireball. Prue asks Piper to unfreeze Bane. Piper's skeptical, but does it anyway. Bane walks up to frozen Lackey and shoots the ray gun he's holding at Wetvac. Prue smirks and tells Wetvac to tell "the source we said hi." Wetvac shoots his ray gun at the lackey. Bane ducks out of the crossfire. Both Wetvac and Lackey explode into flames. The Ps gape. Prue walks over to Bane and helps him up. Piper asks what happened here. Prue explains that Bane "saved [their] lives." Prue and Bane beam at each other. Bane explained that he had it all planned; if he had told them about Wetvac's powers, they would have had to plan another attack, because Wetvac was telepathic. The sister witches had to believe they'd been double-crossed. Prepare to take a big sip here, folks. Piper asks how Prue "figured it out in time." Prue: "Hello, endorphins!" No, really she looks at Bane and explains, "We, ah . . . trust [sip] . . . each other." The docile Ps display "oh" looks.

Halliwell Manor. Sunroom. Prue and Bane sit on a wicker settee. Bane has called Darryl to take him back to jail because it's "the right thing to do." He apologizes for kidnapping her. Prue tells him not to, because she's "not sorry." They neck. Prue thanks him for saving her life. Bane thanks her for saving his. Prue crawls onto his lap, almost splitting her Bedazzled jeans, and they embrace.

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