Happily Ever After

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Crappily Ever After

Piper and Raige bolt, leaving Phoebe and Cole to provide the denouement. Phoebe has Trust Issues, which Cole proposes to resolve by pushing her into the arms of Freddie Prinze Charming Junior. And so that's exactly what Cole does. Over in the empty St. Regis ballroom, Prinze Charming gazes forlornly at Phoebe's leftover sweaty Lucite pump as Cole and the Feebs smear unobtrusively into the background. Cole exhorts her to give Prinze Charming another chance. Phoebe complies. Prinze Charming sets the sweaty pump on a chair to escort Phoebe...elsewhere as Cole watches from behind a pillar. The sweaty Lucite pump dematerializes on its way back to the Fairy Aerie. Cole mopes. Sullenly ever after, if you will. Well, sullenly ever after until the crackheads on the writing staff fling Phoebe back into his arms. Yawn.

Next week, there's a new slut in town, and she's set her sights on the Dolt. Ew.

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