Hell Hath No Fury

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Demian: B | 3 USERS: A+
Hell hath no fury like a Piper bitching.

Piper smiles, but turns back to Rose with a warning about using magic for personal gain, either for her own benefit or that of others. "There are rules to being a witch," she reminds her. "Rules that you will have to learn and follow." "Well, not to be difficult," Rose replies, right before getting difficult. "But you're married to our Whitelighter and Phoebe's shacking up with a demon, so on balance, maybe my friend can stay cute?" Piper's forced to admit that Rose has a point. They giggle. Whatever. Rose's boss interrupts the bonding to snipe at Rose for not making a dent in that day's caseload. Piper rises to apologize, accepting the blame for Rose's shoddy work ethic. "And you are?" the boss asks. Long Pause Fraught With Significance. "I'm her sister," Piper answers. Boss is confused. Piper smiles and turns to leave. Rose, touched, smiles gently to herself and gazes down. Aw. Rose is growing on me. Like a cutaneous anthrax lesion, but still. Fade to the closing credits.

Next week: No clue. The WB apparently abandoned previews for its entire slate of programming. Think of it as a surprise. Or not.

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