Hyde School Reunion

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Demian: F | 1 USERS: B
"Pointless Filler Episode Number 128"

Attic. Phoebe rematerializes at the center of a circle of candles. "You have to send me back!" she yodels. Piper reminds her that they need the Power of Three to vanquish the Scabbar Demons, and worries that Phoebe might revert to her teenaged self again. Phoebe, not having it, insists she'll be fine and finishes with, "Look, there's a crazy man with a shotgun. Now please send me back!" Raige, Chris, Daddy Dearest, and Piper are all, "Armed lunatic, gunning for you? Why didn't you say so in the first place?"

Warehouse-Type Place. In the twenty-seven seconds that Phoebe's been gone, Mr. Rick's managed to truss up Todd and hide Ramona somewhere complicated and veddy, veddy secret, because this show is ass, and also: Whatever. Long story short, Mr. Rick intends to hold Ramona hostage until after Phoebe's aided and abetted in that whole armored-car-robbery thing. And then they cut to another commercial. Wow. I'd be surprised if this entire episode clocked in at forty minutes without the commercials. Why'd they bother? Oh, that's right: Some skeevy jackhole in the WB executive suite promised Brad Kern a dozen teenaged hookers and a mountain of blow if he'd whip up something synergistic for this evening's High School Reunion: Round Rock premiere. I hate this stupid fucking show.

The next morning, Phoebe eases the stolen police cruiser through an alleyway with Mr. Rick riding shotgun -- natch -- while issuing instructions regarding the impending Not-So-Great Not-So-Much-A-Train-As-It-Is-A-Brink's-Armored-Van Robbery. Phoebe attempts to talk Mr. Rick out of it, to no avail. If Mr. Rick surrenders and is subsequently convicted of that liquor store heist, it'll be his third felony. Under California law, that would result in a mandatory sentence of at least forty years, so there'll be no heading back to County for Mr. Rick this evening. Also, I think Phoebe realizes at some point that she really has changed since high school, but I wasn't really paying attention, because this subplot is boring and this show is ass. Eventually, the armored van pulls around a nearby corner, and Mr. Rick orders Phoebe to slide the cruiser out in front of it. As the two vehicles slowly motor down the street, Mr. Rick goes to great lengths to insure that we, the viewing audience, understand that Phoebe's also agreed to "give [him] a new face" after the robbery, or Ramona gets it. After some more driving and some more nattering, Mr. Rick lifts his foot and stomps on the squad car's brake, forcing the armored van into a collision. Mr. Rick shouts for Phoebe to make with the magic, so she wings the following spell:

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