Hyde School Reunion

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"Pointless Filler Episode Number 128"

Later that day, Phoebe's perched on her bed, leafing through her yearbook. Raige enters, and we learn that neither Todd nor Ramona remembers anything, which is terribly convenient for everyone involved. Raige then announces she appreciated the opportunity to see "the chinks in [Phoebe's] armor," as Phoebe's a tough act to follow in the family, or something stupid like that. Phoebe feigns embarrassment over the compliment. Cram it, you fucking hag.

Downstairs, Piper escorts her father towards the door with a promise that the next time she invites him to the Manor, she'll try to "keep the demonic drama to a minimum," and considering the demonic drama he himself dragged into the Manor last year, that's rather kind of her. "Now you know why I don't come around that often," he jokes, hugging her. He steps back a bit to tell her, "You've got a great kid growing inside of you. I look forward to really getting to know him someday." "Yeah," Piper grins before too casually adding, "I still can't believe you like orbing in the future. Do I live to see that?" "Nice try," Victor smirks. "Don't worry so much about the future," he counsels her. "Spend time with him while you can. Talk to him." "Every moment counts, right?" Piper replies with a sad little smile. "Something like that," Victor shrugs. Just before he exits, he stops and rather pointedly urges her to "be careful." Piper solemnly nods her head, then shuts the door after him. She pauses to collect herself, then turns to enter the parlor.

And in an absolutely shameless bit of audience manipulation, we end this evening with Piper watching as Big Gay Chris plays on the floor of the sun-dappled sun porch with the littlest Psycho. Awwwwwww! As her two boys hunt for a race car amongst the toys scattered around them on the linoleum, Piper starts when she feels Fetal Gay Chris kick. She places a couple of protective hands over her stomach and smiles as we fade to black. Sniff.

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