Hyde School Reunion

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Demian: F | 1 USERS: B
"Pointless Filler Episode Number 128"

The Non-Existent Attic. Raige is scrying for Phoebe, but can't get a lock on her location because she keeps moving. Piper, meanwhile, is reading up on Scabbar Demons, and frets that she shouldn't have allowed her big gay son to accompany her father to a restaurant. At that moment, Big Gay Chris orbs in with Daddy Dearest, who, never having orbed before, looks like he's about to boot. Victor sinks slowly into a chair as Chris assures him that he'll grow to like orbing in the future. Piper, with motherly concern, hauls her bloated ass out of her seat to admit she thought something might have happened to the guys while they were away from the Manor. Chris lies and vows that their dinner was uneventful, though they did have time for a nice chat. Raige launches into a quick processing summit regarding the Feebs, during which we learn that Raige somehow managed to reverse whatever mojo Freebie inflicted upon her graduating class, so the exposure threat is greatly diminished despite the fact that she's still out there somewhere under the influence "of adolescence." Piper suddenly staggers a bit, and Victor jumps up to offer her his arm. "Are you okay?" Chris worries. "Yeah," Piper insists. "I'm just a little light-headed." "Sorry," Chris winces. Piper wrinkles her nose. "You know," he says, eyeing her distended belly. "About me." Piper blinks. "Must have been a hell of a talk there," she smirks in Victor's direction. "Yeah," her father admits, before escorting Piper downstairs to lie down.

Angsty Chris watches them go, then mutters something about Phoebe. Raige's scrying crystal chooses that moment to slam down on a set of map coordinates, just as two Scabbar Demons materialize in the middle of the room. Chris immediately orbs out, thereby avoiding the streams of green acid the demons shoot from their mouths. The acid passes harmlessly enough through his orb cloud, but destroys a glass-enclosed bookcase on the far side of the room. Raige scoops the Book of Shadows off her scrying table and dives for cover as Chris orbs back in behind her. With a bit of her orbing telekinesis, Raige hurls a jagged shard of glass from the ruined bookcase into one demon's chest. The demon's acidic guts, however, simply dissolve the thing. The demon sneers in Raige's direction and unleashes another stream of acid from his mouth, which lands on the scrying table to eat through both map and crystal as Raige and Chris scurry towards another hiding place. Piper hauls her massively pregnant self into the room to deploy her Hands Of Discontent, but the demon simply absorbs the blast of explosive mojo. The second demon disgorges a spray of acid in Piper's direction. Raige throws up her palm and screams, "Icky stuff!" The acid dissolves into a stream of orbs that fly back into the first demon's chest. He promptly burst into flame and howls and wails his merry way down to Hell. The remaining demon hastily withdraws from the non-existent room.

After a beat, Piper repeats, "'Icky stuff'?" "It worked, didn't it?" Raige sniffs, rising from the floor to accept the proffered Book from Chris while Daddy Dearest wiggles his eyebrows around in the doorway. Big Gay Chris crosses to Piper, once again apologizing for being the source of so much agita around the Manor lately. "It's okay," Piper replies, in a tone indicating that she's trying very hard to make this odd relationship work. "Kids are messy." "They'll be back," Chris warns. "And we'll handle it," Piper emphasizes. Meanwhile, Raige is mourning the loss of her scrying crystal. "Any idea how we're gonna find Phoebe now?" she asks. Chris sighs.

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