I Dream Of Phoebe

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Let's Play Master And Servant

The two happen to notice a slight depression in the cave floor at this point. Big Chris bends to examine some freshly unearthed bones just as a scimitar flies through the space his lanky mane had been occupying to embed itself in the wood. Phoebe, mouth agape, spins on her heel to find two Fauxrabic-spewing nomad types blocking the cave's entrance. One of the arrivals unsheathes another scimitar, so Phoebe hastily yanks a couple of suspiciously convenient potion vials from her jacket pocket and hurls them in the intruders' direction. Both nomads instantly erupt, spraying the chamber with demonic shards. "You think anyone heard them?" Chris murmurs as a yellowish demonic dart nails him in the shoulder. He snipers to the dirt in agony as Phoebe wheels around again to spot a…oh, Christ, but this is a lousy effects shot. The rather attractive demon from her premonition comes "flying" through the cave's entrance on an undulating Persian carpet. Problem is, they've screwed up the scale of the digital insert relative to the static shot of the entranceway, so the rather attractive demon looks like a midget. God, I hate this show. Big Chris battles the pain in his shoulder to flip some telekinetic mojo at another grid of scaffolding, which tumbles to the floor in front of the crappy digital insert, halting the crappy digital insert's progression through the chamber. Demon Boy, who sort of looks like Chris Carmack's older, unfortunately goateed brother, rears back on his "flying" carpet, dropping a garishly-decorated shampoo bottle to the ground in the process. He howls and sneers as Phoebe whips another potion vial at him. The vial falls short and explodes harmlessly beneath the carpet, but Demon Boy's had enough and throws the thing into reverse so his crappy digital insert can flee the room.

Phoebe races to Chris's side to check on his injury. Big Chris insists he'll be fine, so Phoebe crosses to retrieve the discarded shampoo bottle. She unwisely bats at the surface to knock free some dirt and, despite having dealt with a similar situation in the past, has the gall to appear surprised when a sassy pink whirlwind erupts from the bottle's mouth to coagulate in the form of the dark-haired beauty from her premonition. This would be Jinny the Genie, and as you'd suspect, she's been kitted out in a ludicrous purple satin Arabian Nights harem-pants-and-halter get-up with matching headdress and scarf. Thing is, Saba Homayoon's so gorgeous, she actually pulls it all off. "Tank you for rrrespondink to my letterrr!" Saba perks in appropriately breathy and wackily accented tones. "Wait," Phoebe buhs. "Are you Jinny?" "At yourrr serrrvice, Master!" comes the expected response. Phoebe and Big Gay Chris mug like madmen for a moment before shimmying into the opening credits.

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