Is There A Woogy In The House?

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Get Down! Woogy Oogy Oogy!

Darryl's having to physically restrain the Bickersons when Andy appears and draws a gun on them, looking for all the world like he's going to fire. Darryl's reflexes are equal to the task, however, as he throws Andy to the ground and disarms him. Darryl asks what the hell that was, and Andy admits he has no idea. I'm going to go sit with the shocked people. I need a lot of leg room.

Upstairs, the elder Ps are getting desperate. Prue tries to reconstruct the events surrounding the weird occurrences, but it's Piper who realizes that the Woogy must indeed be real, and responsible for what's been going on. Score one for the middle sister. We learn, though, that there was an earthquake the night Phoebe told them the story, so they've been pretty hopelessly slow on the uptake, here. Prue realizes that the spell to vanquish the Woogy is contained in Grams's story, but unfortunately, they don't remember it. For some reason Piper opens the attic door, and Phoebe's standing there. She very matter-of-factly tosses Piper out the door, which is an amusing contrast to Piper's hysterical shrieking. Phoebe locks the door, and conjures a knife that would be perfectly appropriate for cutting up a small woolly mammoth. Prue tries to tell Phoebe that she's stronger than the Woogy, but Phoebe demurs. "That's why he chose me." As Piper continues to bang on the door, Phoebe intones in her Woogy voice, "But now I'm much stronger than you." She starts to swing, but Prue TKs her across the room. A telekinetic battle here would be pretty cool, and might have saved us a bunch of crappy filler scenes, but they don't go that route, as Phoebe's knocked unconscious, and Prue TKs the door open. She and Piper run down the stairs, and Piper heads for the front door. Prue's all, where are you going, and Piper's all, where do you think, bitch? The house, however, agrees with Prue, as the force field kicks in and sends Piper sliding back across the floor. Piper bitches and moans us into the last commercial break.

In the solarium, Prue tries to remember the spell. Upstairs, Phoebe comes to. Phoebe sneaks by them, if by "sneaks" you mean "clomps down the stairs like a rhinoceros." She then calls for her sisters' help. Piper knows it's a trap, but Prue doesn't know what else to do, because Phoebe's the only one who remembers the spell, so they have to try to weaken the Woogy, which might weaken his hold on Phoebe. Good plan, except for the part where their powers have absolutely no effect on the Woogy. At least "Woogy" is fun to say. Prue and Piper make their way into the kitchen, and Piper says the word "light." Prue grabs a flashlight, but Piper clarifies that she remembers something from the story about using light to guide you to the shadow. They figure out that the Woogy is a shadow, although what use that's going to be to them God only knows. They descend into the basement without any confirmation that Phoebe's down there, like, YOU JUST SAID IT WAS A TRAP. Wow. They see the Woogy, which doesn't look as menacing for some reason, but then Phoebe appears at the top of the stairs, and in the harsh light she looks rather evil indeed. Prue TKs the door shut, in order to take "one evil at a time," and the elder Ps try their powers, which, as I mentioned earlier, have no effect. Phoebe knocks the door back open. Phoebe's sisters beg her to remember Grams's story, and their entreaties seem to bring her partially back to herself. Meanwhile, the Woogy is showing all the urgency of a surfer at low tide. Get it in gear, here! There are nostrils to be flown up! Anyway, Prue and Piper again beg Phoebe to remember the spell. The Woogy mwa-ha-has that Phoebe's evil now, but Phoebe, just as artificially as before, touches the picture of the Ps as kids. She sees a slightly longer version of the past-monition she saw before. With Prue and Piper exhorting her, and the shadow staring to encircle them, Phoebe hesitantly walks forward, and stammers:

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