Is There A Woogy In The House?

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Get Down! Woogy Oogy Oogy!

Phoebe sashays down to the basement, conjures an emery board, and turns and thanks the Shadow-Phoebe for her new power. He commands her to use it on her sisters. Not completely in his thrall, Phoebe begs him not to make her do this. "Phoooooeeeeeeeebeeeeeeee. You're not strong enough to fight meeeeeeeeeeeee." I got places to be, Woogster. Get on with it.

Basement, sometime later. Phoebe, in a blood-red dress and a hairdo that are both rather flattering, files her nails as the Woogy tells her it's almost time. No, it's time now. Seriously.

Upstairs, Piper gets an electric shock from the blender. Prue, in a bathrobe, rushes in and says that the shower is spewing scalding water. Piper concludes that the earthquake screwed up the electrical wiring, and complains about...does it matter? Prue says they still have an hour before...another Cleansing Burst Of Synchronicity? Wrong! Because it's at the door right now, in the form of guests. Piper points out that the clock on the microwave says it's only 6:08 and the guests aren't due until seven, but the microwave fritzes at that point. Nice try, but when clocks of that sort lose power, they start again from midnight, so while it's possible the Woogy's playing tricks, Piper shouldn't think that this is a simple power problem. Phoebe appears from the basement, wondering if anyone's going to answer the door, and again, I really approve of La Milano's acting choice here -- not overplayed, but just bitchy enough that you know something's not quite right. Of course, you might say that that makes her less bitchy than normal, but the effect is the same. Prue goggles at the fact that Phoebe was in the basement, but Phoebe blows off her concerns, looks at her robe, and notes, "You should probably finish getting ready." Hee.

Phoebe opens the front door to find Claire and Professor Manners. She welcomes them in in a subtly off-putting way. Seriously, if she wanted to be a bitch, she could ask why, if Professor Manners has access to so much money, she doesn't go to the salon once in a while. Because the hair? Is a problem. Claire and Professor Manners look at each other bewilderedly, and then, Wine Shop Guy appears behind them. Oh, right -- like you thought they were going to pay him speaking-line rates for that one idiotic scene. It takes at least three idiotic scenes to earn that paycheck around here.

Kitchen of Kill Me Now. Piper spills some flour, and whines how she's a good person and what did she do to dezzzzzzz. Anyway, that's the cue for Wine Shop Guy, whose name is Josh, to enter, bearing the very bottle of wine that caused the tiresome scene earlier. I don't think it's fair for me to be subject to seeing it again if they're not even going to pour me a glass. Anyway, Josh is very nice, Piper's kind of bitchy, and then Phoebe, bless her, enters to ask if Piper's "planning on feeding the people in the living room." Hee. I swear, her delivery is so on. I don't know what could have happened. Piper looks around for an appetizer, like, nice to have nothing prepared on that front when it goes first and all, Ms. Professional Chef. Phoebe spies a large covered tray and grabs it. Piper protests that it's supposed to be part of dinner, but gives in, as, again, there's nothing else to serve. Oy.

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