Is There A Woogy In The House?

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Get Down! Woogy Oogy Oogy!

University campus. In the rain, Professor Manners is being arrested. Prue and Piper see Josh, and he tells them that during her seminar, the Prof suddenly started choking him, and if one of her students hadn't pulled her off...okay, I'm willing to believe that being possessed by the Woogy gave the Prof super-strength or whatever, but if she came close to killing him, (a) he'd be having trouble speaking, and (b) he wouldn't be using the same tone of voice as he would to discuss the weather, so shut up, Josh. The three of them have a very tiresome conversation that gives us absolutely no new information. Josh says he's going to tag along to make sure the Professor's all right, and his concern, if possibly not credible, seems warranted, as the Prof is being positively manhandled into a squad car. I mean, is Josh even pressing charges? And wouldn't, given what we soon see with Andy, the Woogy's spell be broken now? WHATEVER. Also, Josh tells the elder Ps to feel free to look around his office, which wouldn't be locked or anything. I may have to start using foreign translations of "whatever" just for variety.

Inside, Prue correctly tells us that the five elements are earth, water, fire, wood, and metal. Piper's got a map, and the two of them pick spots on the map that they think correspond to the five elements. They're stupid, but I don't have the energy. The end result is that they draw a pentagram around the house. Prue concludes that the house isn't just on a spiritual nexus, but a Wiccan one as well, and what the hell kind of conclusion is that to draw? She goes on that it's a battleground for good and evil, and WE KNOW JUST GET BACK IN THE DAMN HOUSE ALREADY. God.

Double Dose Of Dumb-Assed Detectives. The Dim Duo pull up in front of the Manor, and see two men across the street throwing garbage cans at each other. Darryl goes to check it out while Andy ascends the Manor steps. Phoebe opens the door and kittens that she thinks there might be a gas leak, and she's home alone, so...clearly Andy's seen a porn flick or two in his life, as he gets a little tongue-tied, but agrees. Phoebe purrs that it's down in the basement, and the door shuts of its own accord.

Darryl's getting the story, which is that one of the dudes came out of the Manor and started throwing things. Prue and Piper have arrived on the scene, and Darryl informs them that he's come because Professor Manners was there the night before, so he and Andy want to ask the Ps some questions. Seriously, are there no other cases in San Francisco? Maybe the Dimwitted Duo's supervisor knows how useless they are, so he just sends them flitting off to the Manor every time a real case comes in. Anyway, Prue and Piper start up the steps, but take cover when the door opens. Piper waits until Andy's in the doorway, reasoning that since the house is letting him out, its guard is down. That sounds like a crock of shit to me, but at least she's trying. Once inside, they see that Phoebe is frozen too, which freaks Prue out, since it means she's no longer good. It's a little convenient, then, that they get her back so easily at the end of the episode, but I can see daylight in the distance, so it's time to speed ahead. Prue and Piper run upstairs to abuse the Book of Shadows just ahead of Phoebe unfreezing and closing the door behind Andy.

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