I've Got You Under My Skin

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Piper Halliwell graduates! Piper Halliwell graduates!

Inside, Prue fills Piper in on her disastrous interview before noticing that Phoebe is flirting shamelessly with Pecker over a couple of bottles of Perrier. Prue's label-whore eye notes further that Phoebe's wearing an expensive Armani, so Prue interrupts the flirtation to berate Phoebe for buying things she can't afford. As the gals pedebitch back to the kitchen, Pecker notices the liver spots sprouting once again on his hand and quickly darts his squinty demonic eyes about the room.

Kitchen. I'll let you in on a secret. If you pause the tape right as Phoebe's announcing she has more than enough money to buy whatever she damn well pleases, you'll notice that with that bob of hers, Alyssa Milano looks exactly like Jack Lemmon in drag. I'll bet Jack Lemmon noticed that too. And I'll bet that's what made him drop dead. So, Prue and Phoebe are having words in the restaurant kitchen. When Phoebe reveals that she used her powers to play the lottery, the "words" quickly escalate to a much-anticipated knock-down drag-out screaming bitchfest. God, I've missed Prue. Piper attempts to intervene in that fluttery, ineffectual way of hers as Phoebe and Prue howl at each other. Andy wanders in at this point, stepping directly in the path of a dish-laden busboy. As the two collide, Piper shrieks and freezes the entire kitchen in a panic. For reasons we already know, Prue and Phoebe remain mobile. However, at this point in the series, the gals themselves are surprised by this development. Prue skitters over to the door and gasps in horror when she realizes the restaurant proper has not frozen as well. "Tell me this is not happening!" Piper wails, beating her fists against her head. Phoebe jiggles absently.

Out in the dining area, Darryl sidles through clusters of patrons. Pecker spots Darryl's belt badge and flees.

Kitchen. Prue catches sight of Darryl chatting with the hostess, and the ladies freak. Prue scuttles out to delay Darryl long enough for Piper's freeze to wear off. Phoebe meanwhile flaps a menu in the hyperventilating Piper's face, urging her to breathe. Just as Prue reenters the kitchen with Darryl, the freeze breaks. The busboy's load crashes noisily to the linoleum as Andy picks up where he left off in his sentence to Prue, who is now on his other side. Andy goes, "Buh?" I can tell this is going to become very tedious very quickly if Andy doesn't find out about the women's powers within the next three episodes. Then again, if they keep making him take his shirt off, maybe I won't care so much. I'm such a whore with my TV affections. Can we stone me now? Prue speed-talks the two detectives out of the kitchen, promising to call Andy at the earliest possible opportunity. Piper leans in towards Phoebe's ear to snarl, "I hate being a witch!" as we head out to commercial.

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