I've Got You Under My Skin

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Piper Halliwell graduates! Piper Halliwell graduates!

Buckland's. Job interview. Mention is made of Prue's extensive curating experience at the Mutant. Rex then smarms something he overheard Prue natter at Andy in the elevator about being "totally wrong for the job." Prue slams him for having the gall to throw what she said during "a private phone conversation" back in her face, and adds, "You called me, re-mim-ber, not the other way around." She rises to her feet and tells him he's "being unfair" and wah, and Rex caves and explains he only just took over the auction house from his father and blah and he's not entirely comfortable in his managerial role as of yet and whatever. He does add that despite Prue's qualifications, he wouldn't want to hire her if she didn't really want to work there. Prue greets this apparent deal breaker with a poker face and thanks Rex for his time. She reaches the door to his office before spinning on her heel and retracing her steps back towards his desk with the following: "My area of expertise ranges from Ming Dynasty to a Mark McGwire rookie baseball card." As my immediate and violent snort of derision shot my entire spleen and most of my large intestine out of my nose at this point, I missed the rest of the scene, but I think Rex was impressed by Prue's sassy moxie and arranged for a second interview.

The Forbidding Episcopal Edifice. Piper and Phoebe cruise up in [sleeper c=ell]'s van to make the daily delivery of rancid leftovers for the homeless. As church volunteers retrieve trays of food from Phoebe, the gals blather about Prue's shocking behavior with Andy the previous evening. Phoebe's pretty blasé about the whole thing, hoping that Prue might lighten up a bit now that she's getting some while adding that sex on the first date isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially considering Prue and Andy's history together. What network is this show on, again? I mean, I can see the little CTV logo in the corner of the screen, but does that mean Connie & Co. cut one edit for those saucy Canadians and another for the morbidly frigid suits at the WB? Because Phoebe's practical attitude towards sex is so sensible and, well, refreshing that I have a hard time believing the WB Standards & Practices Nazis would ever allow a United States audience to hear all of this. Piper does voice some reservations about it all, but those reservations seem linked more to her character's flustered and hesitant attitude towards life in general than to some network-mandated PSA on the evils of fornication. Well, her flustered and hesitant attitude towards life in general and the fact that her previous boyfriend ended up being a dark demonic force sent from the flaming maw of Hell to gut her like a fish in an elevator, but whatever. I'm so confused.

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