Magic Hour

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Magic Hour

After the break, we fade up on the shish-kebabbed owl in a towel, and I start choking with snickers. An owl in a towel with a big honkin' arrow sticking up out of its fake, feathery owl chest. Brooke cuddles the owl kebab as the sisters fret over what to do next. Piper reluctantly summons Leo, who appears quickly, noting that "they" had sent him after hearing about "the bad guys." Prue tells Brooke that Leo is a Healer, but Leo notes with some disappointment that he's a healer of people, not animals. Leo tries anyway, but fails, leading to more fretting about the necessity of waiting until sunset, by which time the Owl Kebab will certainly have died. In the midst of this, the doorbell chimes, and Phoebe goes to answer it. Thank God and all of His androgynous little angels, it's Cole, come to exchange Piper's earlier purchase with his own. Phoebe instantly flings thoughts of the Owl Kebab from her tiny little mind and switches into flirt mode as Cole rather endearingly stammers his way through an explanation of why he's there. Phoebe moves to re-enter the house, but stops to prevent Cole from following. Calling the state of the house a "disaster," she asks him to wait on the porch, pops inside, and pops right back out again with his bag. Leo comes out to check on her, and Phoebe introduces him to Cole, in spite of the fact the two men met last week in the courtroom. Leo shakes Cole's hand, and leaves a glowing white residue behind. Ew. If you must indulge, Leo, it's called Kleenex. Look into it.

Cole notices the residue immediately, closes his hand to hide it, and moves to leave. Leo and Phoebe go back into the house, but not before Phoebe lingers a bit, giggling like the giddy little hard-up horndog she is. Cole smirks as soon as the door shuts and turns to head down the front walkway. He stops to wipe off his hand on a handkerchief he pulls from his pocket while he grumps, "White Lighters always were messy." I get an absolutely filthy image in my head, entertain it for far longer than I should, then pause to light a cigarette. Cole, in the midst of his cleanup, pauses to order of his shadow, "Report this!" Shadow Cole bends to retrieve the shadow shopping bag, then oozes down the front steps to disappear into a sewer grating. Cole watches it go, and I marvel at how much more interesting bits like this are when compared with the relationship crap that's comprised a majority of this episode thus far.

Cut to more of said relationship crap. Piper asks Brooke if it's all worth it, if it might not just be better to call it quits in the face of such adversity, Leo overhears this and pouts on out the front door. Piper and Leo process through their issues until they're interrupted by Phoebe, who passes on Grams's earlier message. Back to that poor, poor actress attempting to emote with the Owl Kebab. She apologizes, telling the Owl Kebab she can't let it die, and asks for forgiveness before placing the Owl Kebab on the sofa and leaving.

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