Muse To My Ears

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An episode that will live in infamy.

Up -- way up -- in the attic, Piper shouts fruitlessly for the Dolt as Phoebe tells them all that Cole has disappeared from the Manor. The gals quickly realize what the boys must have done, with Piper's expression indicating that the Dolt will be violently separated from his orbs when he returns. They decide to proceed with their plan anyway. Raige stands above her rendering of Cocky and calls for The Mood Ring Of My Despair. Nothing happens. Eutwerpe steps forward and instructs her to "breathe and focus." Raige complies, and the camera moves in to center on the charcoaled ring on the paper. The ring as drawn melts into the ring in reality, followed by Cocky himself. The camera pulls back from his hand to show him in yet another alley with yet another underling. "That ring packs a serious punch," enthuses the underling. Cocky asks him what power he managed to steal. By way of response, the underling raises his hand. A Flaming Ball Of Death appears, floating above his palm. Cocky raises his own hand to run it over the FBOD's surface. As he does this, The Mood Ring glows blue and disappears from his finger. Back in the attic, the ring materializes in front of the Ps. "It worked!" Raige perks. Phoebe orders her to "let all the muses out." Over in the alley, the underling notices the absence of The Mood Ring before Cocky does. Cocky guesses that the Charmed Ones are to blame, and smoothly persuades the underling to blink on over to the Manor with him to retrieve it. After a bit of hesitation, the underling blinks out, followed by Cocky.

Attic. The Ps plus Eutwerpe lurk behind various trunks and whatnot, awaiting the arrival of the Wonderlock. The Mood Ring Of My Despair rests on a low table in the center of the room. The underling blinks in first and leans in to grab the ring. The Ps fling the potion vials at him from their various hiding places. The vials shatter at the underling's feet, enveloping him in a cloud of smoke. As he pants and gasps, the gals recite Phoebe's vanquish. Piper seems to have problems wrapping her lips around Phoebe's alliterative verses, but no matter. We soon bid a fond farewell to yet another of Cocky's minions. After the underling has blazed on down to Hell, Cocky himself blinks in, snatches the ring, and blinks out again. The Ps gape. Cocky blinks back in again atop a wardrobe and sucks Eutwerpe into the ring. Phoebe shouts for Piper to blow him up, but Raige stops her, noting that Piper might also blow up Eutwerpe in the process. Muse sucking complete, Cocky takes a small moment to gloat, then blinks out for good. Phoebe's Look Of Concern takes us to commercial.

Back from the break, the camera pans across the dejected Ps, slumped in chairs around the table in the attic. The Dolt orbs in with Cole. They're holding hands like two grooms atop a wedding cake in Amsterdam, which is just so very wrong. Cole lets go of the Dolt and advances on the sisters, stammering out an apology for disobeying their order before telling them the "leader of the faction is a warlock named Devlin." Phoebe idly notes that Cocky looked "more like a Joe" to her. The Dolt inquires as to the whereabouts of Eutwerpe, and is told she was abducted. The Ps continue to slouch and slump, disinterested and detached from the situation, entirely enervated now that Eutwerpe's gone. Phoebe claims they're "basking in the brilliance of [their] failure." After dragging a few more relevant facts from the listless witchy trio, the Dolt tries to kick-start them into action with a little pep talk. The Glamorous Ladies aren't having it. Cocky's got their muse, and what's more, he's going to use her inspiration to kill them.

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