Muse To My Ears

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An episode that will live in infamy.

Manor sun porch. The Ps are arranged on the floor around a low coffee table, mixing up the Blink Away while Cole paces restlessly behind them. Something about the situation "doesn't feel right" to him, and it's not just the fact that the sisters might end up in Hell without him to protect them. The whole thing is dodgy: Cocky stealing their personal muse, using her to lure them to God-knows-where so he can attack them with God-knows-what-powers he's managed to pilfer from various dark demonic forces. Cole pleads with gals to remain in the Manor. Phoebe rises to her feet and crosses to him, gently explaining that this is something they have to do. She kisses him, then turns to Piper and Raige as they, too, rise from the floor. Piper distributes the vials of Blink Away as the Dolt whimpers, "Be careful." The Ps recite as follows:

Phoebe: Being of creativity,
Raige: We call ourselves now to thee.
Piper: Your light, now darkened in a ring,
All three: Shall feel the Power of Three we bring.

By the way, Raige tucks the vial of Blink Away into her bra while reciting her line. Snerk. A Swirling Cloud Of Glowing Golf Balls materializes to escort the three from the sun porch. Cole and the Dolt exchange A Look Fraught With Significance (no no no no NO! Not like that!) as the camera cuts away.

The SCOGGB deposits the Ps on a staircase swagged with bunting. Across the room beneath a banner that reads "USO," three Andrews Sisters wannabes with period-inappropriate hair in historically-inaccurate WAC uniforms croon the opening lines to "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy." The shot cuts to display a dance floor filled with extras in period garb, including a large number of men in uniform, most of them sailors. Happy Pearl Harbor Day, kids. After a momentary bout of confusion in which Phoebe believes the three have been tossed backwards in time, Piper realizes that they've been dropped into the middle of P3 in the midst of Bev's theme party. Raige supposes their little spell didn't work. Piper and Phoebe correct her: The spell was meant to transport them to Eutwerpe's location. Therefore, Eutwerpe, The Mood Ring Of My Despair, Cocky, and "his entire faction" must be somewhere amongst the crowd of revelers. The sisters glance around uneasily as we get jump cuts of various partygoers who may or may not be demonic in nature. Finally, the camera settles on The Mood Ring Of My Despair on Cocky's hand, over at the bar. Cocky hoists a two-olive martini to his lips and sips. Mmmm. Booze. He swivels on his bar stool to face the camera as the scene fades to black.

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