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An episode that will live in infamy.

Out in the alley, the sisters pause for a moment to regroup before Piper heads back into the club to unfreeze the patrons. Phoebe crosses to Raige to inspect her injured shoulder. "Eutwerpe" follows and, raising the palm of "her" hand to Phoebe's cheek, starts frying her, Pismo-style. Cole's fist enters the shot to deliver an uppercut to "Eutwerpe's" chin. "Eutwerpe" hurtles backwards onto some discarded boxes. As the Dolt moves to heal Raige's wounded arm, Phoebe whips her vial of Blink Away at "Eutwerpe," who crosses "her" arms over "her" eyes in a vain attempt to prevent the smoke from affecting "her." In a brief struggle, Cole twists The Mood Ring Of My Despair from "her" finger. "Eutwerpe" morphs back into Cocky and shoves Cole across the alley into a pile of garbage. Piper races through the door and tries to blow up Cocky. He artfully swivels to avoid it and menaces her with "I'm too strong for you, witch." "Good thing I brought reinforcements," Piper notes. Piper, Raige, and Phoebe recite the overly-alliterative verse that vanquished the earlier underling in the attic. Cocky twists and writhes and moans and explodes, which is a shame, because I sort of liked the guy. One of the better-looking demons I've seen on this show, certainly.

Wonderlock thus vanquished, Phoebe jumps into Cole's arms for a hug. After a bit of that, he presents Raige with The Mood Ring Of My Despair. She releases the true Eutwerpe so that she too can participate in the Weekly Summation. Raige hands over the ring, and Eutwerpe assures them she'll return it to its rightful owner. Just who that rightful owner might be is never made clear, but I'm too bored by this point to care. Eutwerpe hugs each sister goodbye, then stands off to the side, clearly waiting for them to switch her back into a being of pure light. Raige, incidentally, gives Eutwerpe one of those pseudo-hugs I've seen the more vapid members of society exchange. You know, the physical equivalent of the air kiss. After all the awkward hugging, the gals basically ignore her. Phoebe suggests they head back in to enjoy the party. Raige would rather return to the Manor to work on her "art." She's "inspired," you see. Hey, don't growl at me. Blame the "writers" for that. The Dolt, tilting his head towards Eutwerpe, clears his throat to remind the gals that they have one more spell to recite before splitting up for the evening. They ad-lib the following:

Phoebe: Being of creativity,

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