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P3 H2O

Halliwell Manor. Pier One Parlor. Leo and Piper sit on the white wicker and alternately read passages from Patty and Grizzly's love letters. Piper reads as Patty's voice and Leo reads as Grizzly and well, parallels are drawn with the WORLD'S LARGEST SHARPIE MARKER. Like mother, like daughter. Can't help lovin' dat white lighter o' mine. Acorn. Tree. Fell? Not far. WE GET IT, GET IT, GET IT. Piper tells Leo that she has to go tell her sisters about their discovery of Patty's romance with Grizzly. Don't ask me how that will help the Ps save the endangered children in any way. Leo offers to orb her to the camp. Piper asks if that would be "breaking the rules." Leo rationalizes that they've already broken most of the rules already. Uh, but for Piper to orb with him -- they'll have to embrace. Ruh roh! They grab each other and fade out in Leo's Blue Light Reunion Tour Express.

Camp Skylark. Prue asks Grizzly how Patty planned to vanquish the water demon. Grizzly doesn't know or remember. Suddenly Leo and Piper orb onto the scene. Piper is so winded from the trip she "has to lie down," so I guess orbing takes a lot out of you, which explains why Brian Krause looks like he could play Chris Atkins's father in the next Blue Lagoon sequel. Prue asks what they're doing there. Piper blurts out that Patty had a secret love thang with Grizzly. Grizzly admits that it's true, and goes on to say that because he fell in love with her and broke "all the rules" when he showed up at the dock while she was trying to kill the water demon, he distracted her and caused her to die. Piper and Leo get close-ups on their guilty-looking faces during his big confessional, in case we didn't ALREADY GET IT. But WE DID, so let's move on. Grizzly blah blah regretted her death every remaining day of his life flap flap can't help the sisters because Patty froze him and he doesn't know what really went down on the dock yadda yadda. Prue suggests that Phoebe use her psychic power to find out what really happened. Phoebe makes it all about her and wails some more about Prue's coldness and denial and "this isn't fair!" Whoever convinced you that life was fair really had it in for you, Pheebs. Boo hoo. Prue convinces her to do it. Phoebe touches Grizzly's hands. Doodle-doodle-do, doodle-doodle-do. B&W flashback. Patty runs down the dock and picks up some cables. Grizzly tells her to look out, because the Not! Ness Monster is looming behind her. She turns and freezes him. With her back turned, the demon leaps into her and well, she's dead -- wrapped in plastic. End of story. Phoebe comes back from the flashback, emoting and gasping, "It entered her! It drowned her from the inside!" Prue asks Pheebs what Patty was doing when she was attacked. Phoebe says it looked like she was holding some wires. Piper concludes that Patty was trying to electrocute the demon and kill it by separating its water particles. The Ps process some more and decide to use Patty's plan but to put Prue on the dock instead, since the freezing power doesn't work on the monster. Cut to Prue grimacing, making it all about her now.

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