Pardon My Past

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Pardon My Past

Present Halliwell Manor. Phoebe, evil no more, suddenly sits up as the tinkling music plays. She grabs her throat and gulps some air. Piper tells Prue to put the amulet on her -- fast. Prue does. It glows orange. Phoebe comes to her senses. Piper tells her that everything's okay and she's safe. Pheebs thanks her sisters for "saving [her] life -- all of them."

Present Halliwell Manor. A bit later. Piper's changed into a t-shirt, blue jeans and pigtails. She walks Leo to the front door. Leo apologizes for not telling her about his "past lives" knowledge earlier. Piper assures him that he's "not off the hook just yet." Piper's an Olympic-caliber grudge-holder, isn't she? I have to respect that. Piper doesn't know what the "past souls" fodder means. Leo thinks they're "destined to be together." The doorbell rings. It's (natch) Dan. He gets all hostile about Leo being there. Piper tells Dan that Leo was just leaving. He does. Although he's itching to sniff around the house and piss on top of Leo's urine markers, he stops to state to Piper, "I'll just come out and say this, even if you get mad at me. I know in my gut something's not right with [Leo]. It worries me. For you." Piper looks concerned. Dan adds that he had a relative in the State Department check out Leo's records. According to the government, Leo Wyatt died in World War II. Dan: "It's like he has no past at all." Ow, writers, again with the irony skillet! Piper tells Dan he has "nothing to worry about." Dan wants her to just do him "a favor, watch [her] back around him, at least until [he] finds out who [Leo] really is." Piper, taken aback, just says okay. Dan leaves. If Piper were wearing pearls at the moment, she'd be clutching them.

Phoebe's room. Prue, now in a red bandanna top, enters. Phoebe, in a very low-cut pale blue Lycra scoop neck top, is leaning over the BoS, writing a "warning about Anton." Doesn't Phoebe think they vanquished him? Phoebe doesn't want to take any chances. She "just hopes" that her "future me is somewhere near this book if he ever shows up again." Prue opines that the Halliwells will "always" be near the BoS, "always have been, always will be." Phoebe giggles, because that won't do any good if her "future me" turns out to be bad. Prue provides the Lesson of the Day that "we all have a little bad in us . . . It's just as natural to be bad as to be good. That's how we know what good is. We make the choice to be good." She believes that Anton wouldn't have needed to resurrect Evil Phoebe if Phoebe hadn't become good in this life. End.

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