Pardon My Past

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Pardon My Past

Present Halliwell Manor. Phoebe sits up from the sofa, gulping for air. She gives the hard Ps the stink-eye, wailing on them for being "the ones trying to kill [her]."

Shame on you, Madison Avenue, for re-animating the corpse of Colonel Sanders and making him exclaim, "Boo-yah!"

Present Halliwell Manor. Phoebe storms out of the room, followed by the hard Ps. Piper: "Don't be ridiculous -- we would never hurt you." Phoebe brats (tm pamie) at her, "Tell that to Past Phoebe. You cursed her." Leo tries to reason with Pheebs that it was only her sisters' past souls that tried to kill her. Phoebe drops the bombshell that it was her past self that was trying to kill them first. She snits off and slams the door to her bedroom. The hard Ps walk in. Piper tells her not to blame herself, since "it wasn't really [her]." Phoebe: "But it was me. Or at least a part of me I can relate to." She says that she isn't referring to the desire to harm the hard Ps, but the "powerful evil feeling" that was "seductive." Prue assures Pheebs that Evil Phoebe has "evolved" and is "good" in this life now. Phoebe says her soul was good back then also, before she fell in love with Anton. She adds that he's an immortal warlock who can "glamor" into people -- that was how he trapped Pre-Piper, by taking on the image of her "former lover." Piper: "Who?" Leo admits that it was he. Prue and Phoebe can't believe he already knew. Leo explains that when he became a White Lighter, he got to check out his soul's past lives "for perspective." Piper harshes on him for keeping his knowledge that they were "past lovers" from her all of this time. She demands an explanation. When he tries to reply, she interrupts him with the news that she's "getting a migraine." Leo tries to state that he didn't want to influence her choices in the present with knowledge of their past. Piper, still on "SEND ONLY," rubs her temples and voices her need for an aspirin. Phoebe remembers that this episode is all about her and directs the conversation back to her problems. She thinks she only has until midnight to live. Prue doesn't understand how Pre-Phoebe's death will cause the death of Phoebe in the present. Phoebe says that she's cursed to die, because the pre-hard Ps "didn't want to risk Past Phoebe and Anton getting together in any lifetime." She and Anton are "soulmates." She adds that the amulet Pre-Phoebe was wearing in the 1920s can probably protect her from Anton in the present. Phoebe wonders if PMGS knows where it is. Piper doubts that she would remember eighty-six years later. The hard Ps decide to comb the BoS for mention of Anton. Phoebe tells them that she wants to go get something to eat. They'll meet later. After Prue and Piper leave, Pheebs asks Leo to accompany her on a return visit to PMGS at the nursing home. She doesn't want her sisters to accompany her, because if she fails she doesn't want them to see her die.

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