Payback's A Witch

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Revenge of the Retard

Manor at night. Piper explains to the Psycho that the Dolt is very brave and that what he is doing now is also brave. She needs the Psycho to know that what is going on is not his fault and it's not the Dolt's fault and it's not anyone's fault. Yeah, tell the Angel of Destiny that when the Psycho is done putting her feet through a meat grinder in about fifteen years. Piper assures the Psycho some more, and finally he blinks his Village People back into doll form. Piper hugs him and tells him he's such a good boy.

Next week, Demian's back, and to welcome him back he gets...all manner of Stoopid Magikal Kreatures, including, oh dear, a fairy AND a leprechaun? I weep for you, hon.

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