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Revenge of the Retard

Manor. The Psycho's Village People burst into the attic and tell Phoebe that they're looking for "Great White Father." I don't know why, but that just made me think of "Dolt: The other white meat." The Dolt isn't to be found in the attic, so the Dead-Eyed Psycho's Village People move to investigate the basement. Phoebe questions the Psycho's Village People and slowly comes to the conclusion that the Village People blame themselves as well as the Dolt for the Dolt's disappearance into frozen food sections unknown. When the Village People continue to refer to themselves as "we," a dim, flickering, dusty light bulb goes on over Phoebe's head. She realizes that the Village People aren't the Psycho's Real Dolls, they're also the Psycho. That's just too existential for me. BANK. The Product-Placed Iraqi Vet tells his son he loves him and hangs up, telling all and sundry that he never wanted to hurt anyone but he was sick of never catching a break. Raige pleads with him to stand down. There are several "tense" seconds as the Product-Placed Iraqi Vet looks at the gun in his hand as though he's about to hand it over. However, something demonic and possessing surges up his neck veins and into his eyes. The Product-Placed Iraqi Vet gets all calm and evil-voiced and says he still has a score to settle. Raige and the Retard look wary.

After the commercial break, the Possessed Product-Placed Iraqi Vet goes off about not keeping things quiet because he wants the whole world to know what Raige and the Retard are. The PPPIV reminds the Retard who he is and taunts them with the fact that they will have to use their powers to save Henry. He explains that he's doing this to get revenge on the Retard for the havoc she was wreaking on the Underworld. But isn't there something about "eye for an eye makes me care even less"? Basically, I'm thrilled that their current predicament is All the Retard's Fault. Because she's an idiot. Henry gasps for Raige. I'm assuming that we're supposed to believe he can't hear them? Raige crouches by his side and tries to calm Henry down, who doesn't understand why it looked as though the Product-Placed Iraqi Vet was about to stand down. The Retard gets all whiny with blaming herself for their current predicament. Raige assures her that the PPPIV isn't the only one who wants revenge. The Retard doesn't get it, even when Raige tells her they need to give the PPPIV exactly what he wants, which is the Retard. Instead of explaining, Raige tells the Retard to finish the potion. A helicopter arrives in front of the BANK and the S.W.A.T. team clears out. On the phone, Sanchez argues with the PPPIV about the fact that he's no longer ready to take off. He very politely asks Sanchez for another twenty minutes to think it all out, and hangs up.

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