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Manor drive, the next morning. The Dolt loads the last of Piper's possessions into the SUV as she walks out onto the porch, holding the slip of paper from the previous evening. The Dolt asks her what's wrong. They lean against the back bumper of the car, and Piper allows that "something just doesn't feel right." Long story short, Piper's having second thoughts about the move, especially after reading the ingredients for the potion Grams placed in the brown jar three years ago. "I think we both know what those ingredients would do to us," she tells the Dolt. Well, you might know, but all of us little people out here in the dark haven't a clue. Would it be too much to ask for a better explanation? Cow. The Dolt agrees to move back into the manor, and they hug. Whatever. Brief dénouement in the parlor involving Prue, Piper, and Phoebe. Prue's giving Piper her larger room, and Phoebe will move her things from Piper's bathroom so Piper and the Dolt can play hide the salami in the shower to their hearts' content. Hugs and smiles all around. Again, whatever. Cut to the attic, where the ISP of Grams shuts the BoS. The triquatra glows red as chimes tinkle on the soundtrack, and we fade to black.

Next Thursday, basketball. Well, basketball if you live in Chicago. The rest of the country is getting a rerun of "Power Outage." No new episodes for quite a bit, gang. Have fun.

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