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Cole, Shirtless, Part The First

P3 After Dark. Another product-placed band I fast-forward through. Phoebe and Prue approach Piper at the bar for the week's summation. Prue fills the other two Ps in on Father T's advice about demons not being able to process human emotion, and explains that Vinceres was vanquished because she entered his body "with the emotional baggage of half the city," forced him to feel it, and he ended up imploding because of it all. Leo pops in to let them know he got the archdiocese to reinstate Father T, and Piper strokes Leo's cheek, calling him "an angel" for doing so. Leo, blushing: "Well, not technically." Prue, not having it: "Ew." Demian, as Anne Bancroft: "Yes, Helen, yes." A thousand times yes. The three Ps chatter about the source of the signs that led Prue to Vinceres in the first place, deciding the culprit was either the Triad or Belthazor. More self-congratulatory noises from Prue, who then asks Phoebe about her "Cole dependency," wondering where Phoebe and her legal love muffin stand. Phoebe perks off to Cole's apartment to get the answer for that in person.

Chez Belthazor. Cole answers the door, and Phoebe admits that she expected him to have left already. Cole notes an "associate" of his "didn't do as he was told," so Cole still has some unfinished business in the city. Phoebe wonders if this is a good thing or a bad thing, and Cole allows that it's both. He pulls her into a comforting clinch, she nestles her cheek against his chest, and he kisses the top of her head. The camera moves in to capture his poker-faced expression, and we fade to black.

Next up on Demian's Very Special Weekend Marathon of Charmed: We got trouble in the Halliwell manor, as sisterly sniping degenerates into a full-scale witch-on-bitch smackdown that leaves the three powerless. Will Prue, Piper, and Phoebe kiss and make up? Can the sisters survive next week's horde of demons to fight another day? "Duh," and "duh" again.

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