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Cole, Shirtless, Part The First

Prue walks up the stairs to the warehouse lofts, massaging her aching jaw, and somehow manages to pick the correct door on the first try. She knocks, and tries to open it, but it's chained. "Go away!" the man inside wails, and Prue elects to ignore him, shutting the door, TKing the chain off the hook, and entering the loft. The man inside scrambles into the corner, shouting at her not to come closer. She asks if he's injured, and he moans about the pain in his head. All of the collective pain of the city has gathered in Moany Man's head, it seems, and in spite of Prue's assurance she's there to help him, he insists the pity she feels for him is only making matters worse. He then howls, as he can feel the pain in Prue's mouth as well. "All of this pain! I can't stand it!" he screams. I gaze on in silent sympathy, then remember I'm recapping this crap, and tell him he doesn't know what real pain is. "Why didn't you just go when I asked?" Because then we wouldn't have an episode, genius, and my liver would have made it through to see a better day. Can't have that, now, can we?

Credits. Does Brian Krause have a clause in his contract that mandates his appearance in every episode? Because they seem to manage quite nicely without Dorian Gregory on a regular basis. Just asking.

Manor parlor. Leo guilt-trips Piper because she introduced him to an acquaintance of hers as a "friend." She tells him to cram it, because she can't very well say she's dating a White Lighter, and that's all you need to know about that. Prue enters with Cole, which both Piper and Leo find a little odd, given Prue's antagonistic attitude towards Cole in recent weeks. Turns out he's just there to pick up Phoebe for their lunch date. Phoebe enters on cue, having changed from the roach-clip scarf top into a midriff-baring, off-the-shoulder orange number and a long, loose black skirt. God help us all, she actually pulls this one off. Prue fills them in on Moany, and Cole helpfully offers to make a call for assistance. Piper directs him to the kitchen, and he leaves them to chat in private.

I think I'm beyond all hope, as I actually enjoy what follows. Cole dials a number on the cordless in the kitchen and stands at the table, waiting for the call to go through. Shadow Cole disengages himself and stalks over to one of the vents by the floor. Cole tells Shadow Cole to hold up. He thought they had an agreement not to provide the Triad with updates until a plan has succeeded or failed. Shadow Cole pouts against the wall. Phoebe ducks into the kitchen at this point to retrieve some aspirin and water for Prue and her toothache. Blonde that she is, she fails to note Shadow Cole lurking ten feet or so away from Fleshy Cole. She asks Fleshy Cole if he's okay, he tells her he got "disconnected," she gives him a quick peck on the lips and perks out to the parlor. Cole reassures Shadow Cole that Prue followed the signs he had given her, and that his latest plan will work. Shadow Cole relents, and eases himself back into place at Cole's side. Cole rolls his eyes, and redials the number on the cordless. Snicker. I can't help myself. Really.

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