Primrose Empath

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Cole, Shirtless, Part The First

Back in the parlor, Leo guesses Moany is a "future empath." "Future," Leo? Moany seems to have a pretty good handle on that empath stuff right now. Empath discussion. Leo tells the Ps that empaths are mortals who feel the emotions of others, and often return to earth after they die disguised as counselors or teachers, using their gift to guide others. Prue doesn't think Moany feels like he's been gifted, and Leo theorizes that Moany might be fighting the power rather than embracing it. Prue doesn't care about Moany's afterlife -- she's more concerned about helping him in the here and now -- and the sisters then wonder who provided Prue with the signs that led her to the warehouse. Leo guesses, "It could be 'Them,'" indicating The Powers That Be, "or it could be --" "Cole," Piper interrupts, as Cole reenters from the kitchen. See what they did there? Wasn't that clever? Wasn't it? Huh? Okay, I'll shut up now. Cole tells them all he's contacted someone at the housing authority who can set Moany up with a place to stay if he leaves the warehouse of his own accord. Prue takes Cole's card and heads off alone to deal with Moany, despite an offer of assistance from Piper. Moany can barely deal with one other person, Prue notes, but she thanks Piper for her offer anyway. Cole and Phoebe make to leave for their date, and that dolt Leo manages to invite himself and Piper along for lunch as well. Cole defers to Phoebe, who grits out a "fine," and the four exit.

Cut to the Crest Hills Psychiatric Hospital. A balding, middle-aged, unshaven inmate reads about Moany in another inmate's newspaper, and becomes agitated. "Father Thomas" insists he be allowed to leave to head to the warehouse so he can "protect the innocent," setting off a minor ruckus among the other psychos in the dayroom. As he's restrained by a male nurse, we cut to the Final Stop Warehouse of Imports, Exports, And Psycho Empaths, where Prue negotiates with a deputy on eviction duty. The officer agrees to give her "three minutes" to get Moany out of the building, but if she fails, Moany goes to jail. Prue thanks him and rushes inside. Upstairs, she enters the loft and gently approaches Moany, who's perched on a mattress on the floor, rocking himself back and forth. Prue asks Moany his name, and upon his answer of "Vince," asks for his last name. "Misery," he groans. "Would you like some company then?" she asks. Vince stops rocking, looks up at Prue, and states flatly, "That's not funny." I like Vince. Prue settles down next to him, telling him he'll be arrested for civil disobedience if he doesn't leave the loft, and Vince insists that he'll die if he gets thrown into jail. Prue assures him she believes him, and tells him she knows what it's like to have a power she doesn't want or understand. She urges him to consider the "blessings" that come with such a gift.

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