Primrose Empath

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Cole, Shirtless, Part The First

Vince leaps to his feet and stalks away from her, telling her he knows she doesn't really believe a word of what she's saying. What she really is, Vince tells her, is confused, afraid, panicked, and "sorry," and Prue's near tears in agreement. I, on the other hand, am near manic laughter in agreement with that "sorry" bit. As the deputy pounds on the door, Vince insists he cannot leave, and that he's been cursed, not blessed, with this "gift." Prue TKs the door in place, preventing the deputy from entering, and approaches a startled Vince, who asks her how she's holding the door shut. She tells him she's been sent to help him, and we come to a Hallmark moment: "Free the empath, release his gift," Prue chants as Vince drops to his knees and clutches her arm. "Let his pain be cast adrift," she finishes, crying a bit, and halts the TK on the door. The deputy bitches the two of them out; Prue apologizes and hands Vince Cole's business card, telling Vince she'll explain everything later. Vince eyes her suspiciously and thanks her, guessing she has no idea what she just did for him. Taking this as a compliment, she smiles at him, and leaves the loft. Vince then walks over to the disgusted deputy, who tells Vince it's time to scram. Vince notes that he's wondering what the deputy is feeling at the moment, and the deputy wonders why. Vince darts out his hand, putting the deputy in a chokehold, and starts frying the deputy's head like it's been chucked into a demon microwave. As the deputy's skin bubbles up like burnt cheese on an overcooked pizza, Vince intones, "Because. I. Can't. Feel. A. Thing." Way to go, Prue. Close up on Vince's face, then fade to black and commercial.

Fade up on Piper, Leo, Phoebe, and Cole sitting around a restaurant table in awkward silence. Phoebe attempts to kick-start conversation with the pitiful, "How about them 'Niners?" Cole looks at her blankly. "The San Francisco Forty-Niners," Phoebe explains, and asks Cole if he follows football. He shrugs silently in reply, leading Phoebe to joke, "He's not human." Cole pulls a spit take with the glass of water he's just raised to his lips, then calls to the passing waitress for the check. Phoebe and Piper give each other the eye, and silently agree to a private confab in the ladies' room. They excuse themselves, leaving the guys alone at the table, and on their way to the bathroom, Phoebe complains to Piper that she can feel Cole pulling away from her. Actually, Phoebe, he might just be pissed off that you allowed Leo to crash the lunch date, but whatever. Back at the table, Leo tells Cole that they all worry about Phoebe, and urges Cole to be "straight" with her. Cole clearly doesn't think it's any business of Leo's what he does with Phoebe. The women return, and the waitress arrives shortly thereafter with the check. Cole suggests that Leo and he split the bill, Leo pretends to reach for his non-existent wallet, and Piper covers for him, pulling out her own credit card to pay for the meal. Before they can continue with more of this tedious and awkward relationship nonsense, Cole's beeper goes off. He insists he has to take the call, apologizes, and leaves.

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