Primrose Empath

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Cole, Shirtless, Part The First

We cut from Phoebe's expression of dismay to Cole squiggling into the loft at the Demon Emporium, where he assesses the blackened remains of the deputy. Demonic exposition. Vince thanks Cole for sending Prue his way. Vince could feel the "empathic cancer" transfer from his own body into hers during the spell, and Cole asks Vince how long it will be before the empath power cripples Prue. Because she's a mortal, Vince estimates the power will crush Prue's resistance within a day. He thinks that Cole will be pleased to see Prue self-destruct, but Cole reveals he'll be out of town, as he doesn't need to see Piper and Phoebe lose their sister. Vince thinks Cole's been undercover for too long, and that his newfound compassion doesn't suit him. Cole tells Vince to mind his own business, and Vince goes off to take care of Father Thomas, who apparently infected Vince with the empath power in the first place. Cole warns him against this, as the three Ps might catch on to what just happened and track Vince down to reverse the spell. Vince snarks that he's immune to the Halliwell powers, and Cole counters that Vince is not immune to the powers Cole himself possesses. Vince takes the hint and agrees to lie low.

Cut to the dentist's office, where Prue is trying to reschedule her earlier, missed appointment. A twentysomething couple in the background engages in an unseemly display of public affection as Prue negotiates with the receptionist. When the gent of the pair grabs a handful of his girlfriend's ass, Prue squeals as if she'd just been groped, and whirls around. Prue attempts to pass this odd action off as a side effect of the pain from her tooth, but the receptionist gives her the stink-eye anyway. The receptionist states she could squeeze Prue in at 4:15, and Prue inexplicably bursts into laughter in response. The door to one of the internal offices swings open, revealing a matronly woman in navy blue with a serious case of nitrous-oxide-induced giggles. The matron, for some reason, reminds me of Barbara Bush, without the faux pearls. Prue slowly realizes what's happening, makes her excuses to the receptionist, and hustles out of the office, pausing on the way to grab a couple of handfuls of the male twentysomething's ass. His girlfriend is not pleased.

Manor hallway. Phoebe, post-lunch-date-from-hell, asks Cole what's wrong. In brief, he dumps her and doesn't explain why, noting only she'll understand his reasons soon. Prue rushes through the door as he leaves and pulls up short, stating she hasn't felt the emotion she picked up from Cole since Andy was around. Phoebe asks Prue to explain, and Prue reveals she can sense Cole falling in love with Phoebe. Phoebe dismisses this, but Prue can feel the same emotion coming from her sister. Phoebe leads Prue into the kitchen, where Piper and Leo are sharing some tea. Phoebe fills them in on her suspicions about Prue's new empathic power, then proves it by fiercely pinching Piper on her arm. Both Piper and Prue jump in pain. Prue babbles about receiving the gift from Vince, but stops when she senses fear emanating from Leo, who worries Prue might not be able to handle the new power. Piper and Phoebe agree, leading Prue to get so worked up about their negativity that she blows up the mini TV in the kitchen. Phoebe urges Prue to calm down and offers to head to the attic to research empaths in the BoS. Prue senses Phoebe really wants to chase after Cole, and sends her off to "get [her] man." Piper and Leo offer to help Prue with the BoS, but she tells them their "couple issues" are starting to give her a migraine. Whoa there, missy. The line for couple-issue-related migraines starts behind me. "We have couple issues?" Piper asks. "Resentment," Prue tells Leo. "Denial," she says to Piper, adding, "Be nice." Heh. Prue heads up to the attic, and Piper starts in on Leo. Blah bitch blah, he was humiliated when she paid for lunch, she apologizes. They snog on the couch. "Not now," Prue snits from upstairs, "I have a headache." Word.

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