Primrose Empath

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Cole, Shirtless, Part The First

Halliwell manor. Prue rocks herself into an autistic stupor in a corner of the basement under the concerned gaze of Leo. Whatever. Up in the parlor, Phoebe and Piper come across Vinceres's entry in the BoS. I can't read the text, but there are depictions of the demon in, among others, Crusader, Mongol, and Nazi drag. The boy sure did get around back in the day. Piper notes Vinceres "pretty much lives up to his gloss," not stopping until he destroys his target. "Great," Phoebe smirks. "The Energizer demon." Father T tells them they're all as good as dead. Piper tells him to knock it off with the pessimism as Leo enters from the kitchen. He tells them all that Prue is quite nearly catatonic, and they worry that she won't be able to pull it together enough to reverse the spell when the time comes. Father Pollyanna tells them their powers are useless against Vinceres, and that he allowed Prue's spell to work only because he himself benefited from it. Phoebe guesses Prue will become as powerful as Vinceres, if not more so, if she can channel the emotions she's receiving and focus the power. Father Pollyanna pisses all over this theory, telling them Prue will be dead before nightfall. Piper entertainingly tells him to shut it: "This man has experienced the entire rainbow of human emotions and the best he can offer us is self-pity? I don't think so. You used this power to stop this demon. Now my sister has your power. Deal with it, an then help us." Go, Piper.

Prue, huddled in the basement. Father T approaches with Leo, causing her to lash out at them with "Go away!" Father T speechifies, telling Prue that while fighting the emotions is a natural response, she must instead embrace and focus them. Vinceres was crippled because demons cannot deal with human emotions, and Prue must not allow herself to fall into the same trap. Meanwhile, Vinceres himself kicks in the front door of the manor and strides into the hallway. Phoebe, cowering in the parlor, shouts to Piper, who freezes the demon for a moment. He shakes it off as Phoebe rushes to Piper's side. Vinceres approaches Piper, who breaks a vase over his head. He flings her into an 1860s love seat. He then flips over a table, smashing it in the process, and sets upon Phoebe, who starts in with the judo. He flings her into the love seat as well. Piper freezes him again and calls out to Leo, who watches Father T attempt to connect with Prue in the basement. Father T tells her his power as an empath was concentrated in his hands, and Prue must connect the empathic power with her own in order to succeed. A few more words of encouragement, a lot more glycerin for Shannen Doherty, and the scene shifts to the upstairs hallway.

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