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Cole, Shirtless, Part The First

Vinceres has Phoebe by the throat, promising her he won't kill her if she gives him Father T's location. Enter Prue, trailed by Leo and the priest. "You want him?" she asks Vinceres. "Come and get him." She then TKs the demon into the wall, cracking the plaster and destroying a couple of framed prints in the process. Vinceres wonders how Prue was able to accomplish that, Prue tells him coolly he'll have to get past her if he wants Father T, and Phoebe and Piper start to pick themselves up off the floor. Prue tells her sisters to stay back, and we get to the part of the episode many have rather loudly complained is ripped off from The Matrix. Because you would have to pay me a large sum of money to watch any Keanu Reeves movie, and because no one came forward with such an offer in connection to that particular flick, I have no way of knowing if the lovable -- if mouthy -- gang on the forum boards is correct. However, I certainly wouldn't put such a tactic past the people who create this show. Hand-to-hand combat between Prue and Vinceres. At one point she literally climbs the stairwell wall, only to spin herself around on the balustrade to kick Vinceres in the face. He manages to get her in a chokehold, sneering that he's immune to her witchy ways. She levitates and smoothly removes his hand from her neck, then kicks him down the hallway. I should note that aside from the framed prints, no furniture has been broken up to this point in the battle between Prue and the demon.

Vinceres rises again to his feet to challenge Prue, stating for the third or fourth time he can handle her powers. You don't seem to be doing such a hot job so far, pal. Just sayin'. Prue asks him if he can "handle pain. Human pain." Vinceres gives her a "Guh?" look, and Prue astrally-projects another copy of herself in front of her body. AP Prue (is that like AP English?) dives into Vinceres's chest, and we're treated to a non-special effect of emotion-laden AP Prue apparently running roughshod through Vinceres's body, before he explodes, leaving AP Prue standing in his place. Piper goggles in disbelief, AP Prue smiles at Special Ed Prue, and then the two Prues merge. I think I caught slimy Vinceres remnants littering the floor, but I'm not sure. Reconstituted Prue announces that the voices have left her, and apologizes to Father T, saying she wished they had been able to return the power to him instead of destroying it while vanquishing the demon. Father T replies that they've made him realize he can still connect with others' emotions, even without the help of magic powers, and I guess that means his years in the cuckoo's nest were all for naught. Smiles all around.

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