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The Freaky Importance of Scrying Hard for the Power of Three Non-Blondes

Hell. Phoebe welcomes Raige to the Dolthouse, reminds her that their powers are diminished along with their stature, and supposes that tonight's nefarious demonic plan involves harnessing the Power of Three. And...scene.

Up in Suicide Boudoir, the lispy Retard's obliviously blathering on and on and on about Chrissssssty as the wallpaper shrivels to the floor and dies while several decorative throw pillows spontaneously combust just to get the fuck away from her until Fauxbe, examining her nails, snarls, "Yeah, you know what? That's just a really boring story." Hee. "Boring?" pouts the Retard. "Yeah," Fauxbe sighs. "I think you should just give up. I mean, it's not like you're really going to find her anyway." The Retard is outraged and mopey. The mirror-topped dressing table moans, "Shut it, you maggoty-necked git," before collapsing into a defeated pile of glass shards and splinters. Fauxbe blows on out of there and hooks up with Rattrap, who quickly reveals her true identity. The two muah-ha-ha for a bit before heading up to the nonexistent attic, where they find Piper once more abusing the Book of Shadows. After some hasty and hardly sincere apologies from Fauxbe regarding her behavior as of late -- and God knows Piper should be used to hasty and hardly sincere apologies from her true hag of a sister by now, so I'm giving her a pass on not seeing through the impostor's gambit at this particular point in time -- Fauxbe and Rattrap pitch their whole "The Slave King turned the Dolt into an ice pop!" idea, which, after a bit of flapjawing, Piper buys. At Rattrap's prompting, Piper wearily returns the Book to its stand for yet another round of abuse while Rattrap and Fauxbe practically whiz themselves with excitement.

Trudeau Memorial. It's now 5:30, and The Man From Another Place impatiently waits for Raige while Darling Henry indulges in a silent bit of business with a red folder he seems surprised to see, and I'm guessing it's part of that stupid fucking Zombie Fairy Princess-related Lost And Found subplot, but that's not important, mainly because all of the necessary expository information evidently ended up on the cutting-room floor before the episode aired. This goddamned show. What is important is that The Man From Another Place huffs -- loudly -- "I can't believe I'm being stood up by a witch," and toddles on out of there to...

...rainbow, or whatever, into the nonexistent attic, where he berates Rattrap for failing to meet him as promised. Rattrap deals quickly with the entire annoying and pointless situation by sending The Man From Another Place back to Trudeau Memorial to play with his magical trouser nuggets. The midget rainbows out of there...

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