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Welcome To The Dolthouse

Nonexistent Attic. Piper and the Dolt have managed -- implausibly! -- to scale the Book's stand, and now intend to "tweak the scrying spell" so Phoebe and Raige can find them, and no, this makes no sense at all, because if they rewrite a spell in the Book, how in the hell is that supposed to help Phoebe and Raige over at...oh, wait a minute. They're going to tweak the spell so they can remotely operate the scrying crystal over at Not!warts. I get it! I hate it, but I get it. Piper asks the Dolt to step back a bit before tossing a little explosive mojo at the Book's pages, which obligingly flutter open to the correct entry. The henchdemons guarding the nonexistent room quite naturally appear alarmed at the Book's sudden flipping, but wordlessly attribute it to a breeze flowing through the open window, for they are just glorified extras who will not be receiving their SAG cards this evening. "I hope this works," Piper grits.

Not!warts. Raige and Phoebe stand a table, whipping up a batch of something or other as Phoebe wonders, title-style, if they "didn't scry hard enough." There's some blithering about Raige's discontent with her job until the nearby scrying crystal lofts itself seemingly of its own accord into the air and begins to spin above an open map of the city. Raige and Phoebe goggle at the phenomenon until the crystal finally slams down upon a set of coordinates that Raige quickly identifies as pointing towards the Manor itself. As scrying is "witch-to-witch stuff," Raige reasons, Piper must be sending them a message. "But the place is crawling with demons," Phoebe frets. "How are we gonna find her?" "One way to find out," Raige perks, grabbing Phoebe's hand to drag her into an orb cloud that vanishes through the ceiling.

Manor. Up on the second floor, a henchdemon passes by as the glow from Raige's orb cloud spills through the crack at the bottom of a bedroom door. Phoebe cautiously eases the door open and peers out before ducking back into the room to announce that they'll "have to get past the guard." Raige warns her that if they use any more magic, Zankou's bound to sense their presence. Phoebe has an idea.

Too late! HA! Suck it, Feebs! Down in the kitchen, Zankou informs Craven of Phoebe and Raige's recent arrival. Craven strokes his chin, smiles a bit, and shrugs that it doesn't matter: "We may have already found Piper."

Meanwhile, Phoebe's busily swinging from the bedroom door's upper casing to nail the second floor's henchdemon in the head with a two-heeled kick that knocks him unconscious to the carpeting. Phoebe and Raige immediately race to the nonexistent attic to abuse the Book of Shadows, physically rendering the attic guards comatose off-screen along their way, but when Phoebe calls out for her missing sister, she's answered by Zankou. He mischievously emerges from behind the attic's door, cradling a small wooden box in his arms. "Looking for these?" he smirks, easing open the lid. Raige and Phoebe get a glance at the box's contents before stonily eyeing Zankou, as the shot cuts to tiny Piper glaring at the wee Dolt before everyone disappears into the final commercial break.

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