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Welcome To The Dolthouse

...The Not!warts Not-So-Great Hall. Mirroring their initial appearance at the top of the hour, Piper and the Dolt enter the room together, only this time it's Piper with her palm across the Dolt's eyes. "Surprise!" Piper chimes when she removes her hand, but the Dolt is even less impressed than she herself was in the nonexistent attic. "What, you want me to clean [Not!warts]?" he doofs. "No," Phoebe calls out as she and Raige enter from the headmistress's office, "we want you to run it." Because the Manor Morons have the authority to make such a decision. And because the Dolt's so experienced at administering a school. Not. To all of it. Shut the fuck up, Charmed. Raige is as surprised to hear all of this as the Dolt is, but when Piper and Phoebe explain their thinking, she quickly agrees to the plan. "I have been wanting to get out there and spread my legs," Raige perks. Ooops! Sorry! My bad. She actually said "spread my wings." Yeah, I know. Six of one, half a dozen of the other. Or something like that. The Dolt needs little further persuasion, and smilingly accepts with "I'm honored." And unqualified. And unauthorized. And a dolt. God, Elder Q's going to pitch a fit when he finds out about this. No one actually on my TV at the moment seems to share my qualms, however, as Raige orbs away to locate and nail her next slampiece the second the Dolt agrees to assume control. Meanwhile, Piper and Phoebe grin broadly as the Dolt turns to scoop the suddenly appearing Psycho up in his arms and make with the babytalk as we finally fade to black.

Next week, they finally get around to exploiting the Pandora myth. Why it took them nearly seven years to do so is anyone's guess. Have fun!

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