She's A Man, Baby, A Man!

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She's A Man, Baby, A Man!

Credits. Jenny "Ruthie" Gordon is missing again. The producers are torturing us one week, then letting us recover, then inflicting even more pain the next time. It's wicked cruel.

What is Bridget Gregory doing in a movie with Pigboy and his boyfriend?

Establishing shots of San Francisco as citizens walk around oblivious to the air-raid siren blaring complaint rock throughout town. Oh wait, there's an announcement -- this is just a test of my patience from the emergency Cranberries shilling system.

Buckland Auction House. Day. Camera shot of a blowing fan, panning to Prue getting off an elevator in the hallway. She rushes into her office, checks out her makeup in a compact, then rushes out to the hallway again. Prue begins to oh-so-non-nonchalantly examine a modern sculpture of an entwined couple that's sitting in the middle of the passage. She has about as much patience for this folderol as I do, because the minute Alan walks into the shot, she bounds over to him. They greet one another. Alan complains that it's hot, and unfortunately the building's AC is on the fritz. Prue asks him "just out of curiosity" if "something happened" on their date "to upset [him] or something." Alan: "Upset? No, no, not at all. Actually I had a great time. We should do it again; I'll call you." He walks away. Prue is stunned. She mutters, "The kiss of death." Daryl "My Hammy Vice" Morris comes up to her and tells her they need to talk. Dorian Gregory must have gotten a stern talking to from the producers and a scrip for downers, because he's oddly subdued in this episode compared to his last appearance. Daryl asks Prue if she's okay. Prue starts to bitch about men, and asks what's the big about "how one minute guys are sending out all the signals, then the next minute they turn them off like a switch." She wonders, "What do men want, anyway?" This week, it's Daryl's turn to look stricken along with Owen.

BAH. Prue's office. Daryl opens the door for her, and she praises him effusively because she's "pleased that while romance is dead, chivalry isn't." It's at this point that I realize that this episode will contain much more wrong-headed sexist blather than usual. A quick rewind to the credits confirms that the script was written by a committee that included Aaron Spelling, Tim Allen, John Gray, Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider. Prue asks Daryl what's the sitch. Daryl explains that four men have been killed on the past four nights of the heat wave blah blah blah he has no suspects wah wah wah Prue has a secret flap flap flap here are some photos of the victims yadda yadda yadda all of the men belonged to the same dating service called "Fine Romance." Daryl asks Prue to help out by finding out some information about the service, but he doesn't want her to "get hurt." He adds that "the brass" is watching him on this one, "so it can't be an unexplained case." Way to delegate your whole workload, Mr. Two Speeds: Under-Act and Over-Act. Prue gapes at him.

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