Sight Unseen

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Stalker? I Don't Even Know Her.

Manor exterior. Cole cautiously slinks to the edge of the porch. "Come out, come out, wherever you are." Troxa the Invisible flings Cole against the railing in a chokehold in reply. Troxa squiggles into view for a little demon pissing contest. Troxa and Cole are old adversaries, apparently, and this little Halliwell assignment is only serving to amp up preexisting professional jealousies between the two. Troxa notes that Cole, as Belthazor, has never known how to defeat him, as -- and here he squiggles into invisibility again -- Cole "cannot fight what he cannot see." Troxa the Invisible flings Cole against the wall into another chokehold, then retreats as the porch light comes on. Just before Phoebe opens the front door to investigate the noise, Cole squiggles out as well. Phoebe eyes the empty night suspiciously. Cut to commercial.

Kitchen, the following morning. Phoebe and Piper consider mainlining caffeine, as neither got any sleep the night before. Just as Piper suggests that they install an alarm system, Prue enters, looking for Grams's necklace and her "good luck blouse." "The fuschia paisley one?" Phoebe inquires, and I immediately rechristen said article of clothing "Prue's Paisley Tit Sling of Poor Taste." Worried noises about the previous evening's intruder making off with their belongings, with Phoebe speculating Prue's human stalker as the culprit, and Prue again stubbornly insisting it was demon work. Leo orbs in at that moment in a fresh shirt. He first apologizes to Piper, insisting TPTB orbed him out mid-foreplay by "total coincidence," then tells the three TPTB know little of the Triad, aside from the fact it's at the highest level of "the other side." "Six thousand years of conflict and that's it?" Prue snits. "These guys are serious underachievers." She then hands Phoebe and Piper white cloth bags, each containing a pair of sneakers. Seems the three Ps have an unfortunate habit of getting caught wearing footwear inappropriate for demon vanquishing. Keeping sneakers handy at all times is Prue's solution to this problem. You've been at this for more than two years, and you wait until now to solve the footwear problem? No wonder you keep getting your Blahnik-shod asses kicked, you tragic little fashion victims.

Darryl at the doorbell. He ran the set of fingerprints he pulled from the broken mirrors through the FBI's system, and came up matchless. Phoebe fills him in on the missing necklace and blouse, and Darryl ponders the possibility that they're dealing with a stalker, rather than a burglar. He tells them to get their "human grudge lists" to him as quickly as possible, mentioning old classmates, co-workers, or ex-boyfriends as the people they need to be thinking about. Phoebe mentions Sean as a possibility, but Prue voices her doubts, as she and Sean never even really had a date. Darryl informs the Ps that stalkers can be set off by anything, especially being stood up in clubs that impose two-drink maximums on their patrons, but Prue is still clinging to her demon notions. Darryl exits on another note of caution, Phoebe again urges Prue to follow Darryl's advice, and Prue ignores both of them and makes to leave for work: "If a demon doesn't kill me, my editor will." Not if those beige leather pants cutting off circulation to your legs get you with the gangrene first, Prue.

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