Sleuthing With The Enemy

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I want Cole in my stocking this year

Halliwell manor, the next morning. Phoebe's curled up on a sofa next to a crackling fire in the fireplace. She distractedly studies Cole's dagger, which she twirls in her fingers. No, not like that, either. Cole squiggled away in the last scene, remember? Jeez. Prue, in Pippi Longstocking pigtails, and Piper enter, bearing "comfort food." Phoebe states she hasn't much of an appetite. Weekly Summation Time, which this week is actually Weekly Dissembling Time, as Phoebe now has a big secret to keep. Prue asks Phoebe if she wants to talk about anything. Phoebe doesn't think there's much to say, but she does feel the need to apologize for what she did. Piper and Prue reassure her Cole fooled them as well; Phoebe did nothing wrong, and, therefore, Phoebe has nothing to be ashamed about. "Don't I?" she asks, and Piper and Prue respond to this with Looks Of Concern. They leave Phoebe to her thoughts, but not before Prue insists that Phoebe let her sisters know if she needs anything. Prue kisses Phoebe on the cheek and exits. The camera pulls back from Phoebe wrestling with her conscience on the sofa, and we fade to black.

No new episodes will be coming our way until mid-January. Happy holidays, all.

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