Sleuthing With The Enemy

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I want Cole in my stocking this year

Cut to the courthouse. Phoebe slinks her way towards Cole's office, and lets herself inside. She finds "Reese Davidson" of the DA's Bureau of Investigation rummaging through Cole's files. Reese asks the intruder who she is. "Phoebe," she replies. "That's it? Like Cher or Madonna?" Not funny. Cole's been missing since Monday, apparently. Reese quizzes Phoebe on her connection to the missing ADA, guessing she's "his girl." Phoebe confirms this, and, at Reese's prodding, allows that Cole had mentioned going on a trip, but those plans were cancelled because of a "big case" he was working on. Reese informs her that Cole hasn't been working on anything aside from filing extensions for months, and gives Phoebe his card. He suggests that she call him should she think of anything else. A worried Phoebe leaves.

Manor sun porch. Kwell is bitching about underestimating Belthazor, whining that he thought since Belthazor couldn't "shimmer," his other powers must have been gone as well. "Shimmer"? That's what they're calling it? Try "squiggle," moron, because that's what Cole actually does. Piper, Prue, and Kwell exchange information. Kwell isn't powerful enough to vanquish Belthazor on his own, but he can track Belthazor when the demon is in his demon form. He also fills the sisters in on the untimely demise of the Andrews Sisters. In addition, Belthazor's inability to squiggle somehow explains why Kwell was summoned in his place. Prue moves to make a deal to collaborate with the demon, over Piper's objections and despite the fact that the idea of working in concert with witches "turns [Kwell's] stomachs." Kwell tells them to make up their minds about the deal quickly, and rays himself out of the sun porch. Prue and Piper glance at each other, then call for Leo.

Chez Belthazor. Phoebe pounds on the door, calling loudly for Cole, much to the annoyance of Cole's blonde next-door neighbor. How much you want to bet our little bad boy's been doing his neighbor on the side? Phoebe starts to walk away, but notices drops of blood on the hall carpet leading to Cole's door. She eases his unlocked door open, calling his name. More blood in the apartment, leading to the bedroom, where Belthazor lurks behind the door. Phoebe enters the bedroom to find Cole pulling on a blue shirt, the blood from his wound seeping through the bandage on his side. "You shouldn't be here, Phoebe," he says, and a lingering close up on Julian McMahon's face takes us to commercial.

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