Sleuthing With The Enemy

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I want Cole in my stocking this year

Bring me the head of Sandra Bullock.

Chez Belthazor. Phoebe smoothes out some blankets on the bed and eases Cole down onto them on his back. Phoebe tries to remove the bandage to get a look at the slice in Cole's side. He tells her not to, she insists she's "seen a lot worse," and he snatches her wrist, hissing at her, "I said, 'Don't.'" His face then relaxes as he adds a whimpering "please." Phoebe eases his hand off her wrist and suggests they go to the hospital. Cole disagrees with this plan, telling her it wouldn't be safe as "They" will find him there. Phoebe demands to know who attacked Cole, but is answered with silence. Phoebe fills Cole in on Reese, causing Cole to pull himself up, worriedly asking her what she told the investigator. Before she can finish with her answer, Cole groans loudly and slumps against her. Phoebe eases him back down onto the bed, assuring Cole she'll find someone to help, then whispers urgently for Leo. Cole protests weakly, and Phoebe insists she will not just stand there and watch him die. She tells him she's running back to the manor for assistance, gives him a lingering kiss, and leaves. Cole grunts in pain on the bed, morphs briefly into Belthazor, then morphs back.

Manor attic, night. Piper bitches at Leo's ignorance of the Andrews Sisters' fate. Blathercakes, wherein Piper questions the smartness of the decision to work with Kwell, and Prue and Leo convince her they have no other choice. Cut to the sun porch. Prue and Piper with the "magic calling magic" spell again, and another Kwell-filled tornado. Phoebe enters through the front door at this moment, screams, "Demon!" and lands a flying kick to Kwell's jaw before anyone can stop her. Kwell destroys another table while flying backwards, resulting in much Halliwell eyerolling. Prue and Piper give Phoebe the Cliff's Notes version of the day's events, and she agrees to the plan. Phoebe then asks to speak with Leo in private. Kwell takes this opportunity to strap his bitch on about the sisters' seeming lack of urgency, noting he's got Belthazor's scent now. Prue and Piper agree to accompany Kwell, and Kwell directs Leo and Phoebe to the cemetery, as Belthazor views cemeteries as safe havens. Phoebe, in an aside, tells Leo she needs his help, and they exit.

Chez Belthazor. Phoebe and Leo enter the hallway outside Cole's apartment in mid-argument. Leo insists it's against the rules for him to heal a mortal who was not injured by evil, and that Cole should be in a hospital. Phoebe reminds him Cole refuses to go to the ER, and snits that Leo's broken the rules before. Leo looks hurt. Suck it up, frat boy. Phoebe apologizes and convinces Leo to do what he can for Cole. They enter the apartment to find Cole slumped, barely conscious, in one of the interior doorways. Phoebe rushes to him and cradles his head in her lap as Leo approaches. Leo strips off the bandage and makes with the White Light special tingly touch. Cole's wound glows and emits small sparks of energy as Cole shudders though epileptic spasms in Phoebe's arms. As Phoebe and Leo wonder what's going wrong, Cole's wound blows out a bolt of light that flings Leo back and over a chair. Phoebe checks to make sure Leo's okay, then returns her attention to Cole, reassuring him that he's all right now. Leo stalks up to note with alarm that Cole's wound isn't entirely healed, and we cut to commercial.

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