Sleuthing With The Enemy

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Kwell threatens to kill Prue should she touch him again. She coolly replies that he had no reason to hurt HSHD. Kwell notes that as a demon, it's his nature to hurt people, and Prue counters that it's the Halliwells' nature to protect people. Kwell whinges some more about torturing HSHD to find out the coat's source. Prue tells him to shut it, as the sisters have their own non-torturing ways of doing things. Piper thinks Phoebe may be able to yank some sort of premonition out of the garment, and, noticing the label, compliments Belthazor's apparent expensive taste. Prue suddenly recognizes the coat, and asks Kwell how long Belthazor's been in town. Kwell tells them the Andrews Sisters sent him up two months ago, and Prue makes the connection with Cole. Piper finds this hard to believe, but Kwell clearly thinks Prue's on to something.

Chez Belthazor. Cole and Phoebe call out a conversation about Leo to each other between rooms. He's in the bathroom shaving while she sneaks through the living room, checking his briefcase and desk for demonic clues. Phoebe asks Cole if he's sure he shouldn't be lying down, as he's not entirely healed. He calls back that he still has "to worry about the people who did this" to him. Phoebe, rifling through the desk drawers, tries to tease more information out of Cole by noting she mentioned his "big case" to Reese the investigator that afternoon. Cole relies on his standard vague answers. Just as Phoebe hits a desk drawer containing nothing but a pencil, Cole emerges from the bathroom in a black turtleneck to ask her what she's looking for. She tries to cover with a bubble-headed looking-for-paper excuse, but he's not exactly buying it. Cole turns to return to the bathroom as Phoebe moves to retrieve the vial from her purse.

Prue, Piper, and Kwell enter the lobby of Cole's apartment building, plotting a vanquishing scheme. Piper thinks vanquishing Phoebe's boyfriend will be certain to cause stress in the Halliwell household, and Kwell reminds them that Belthazor will kill them if they hesitate. Piper snits that she's having "a private conversation," and Prue rues letting Cole out of the crystal demon trap from the stalker episode. As Piper urges caution until they get all of the facts, in orbs Leo in front of the trio. More exposition of events we've already seen. Leo admits to healing Cole, which everyone else agrees was a really stupid thing for him to do. Piper orders Leo to remain in the lobby while the others head upstairs to fix things.

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