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Soul Soporific

We fade up on the interior of a richly-appointed executive suite. At the desk, Raige and her temporary boss of the week huddle over a stack of papers, with Raige indicating where on the various documents the boss man should affix his signature. Even though it's obviously late in the evening -- and we do shortly learn that it's actually three minutes to midnight -- Raige is her typically perky self, and I'm sorry, but there's no way in hell she'd be so damn chipper after pulling a fifteen-hour day at the office. God knows I never am. By contrast, the thirtysomething boss man seems more than a little tense and anxious as he ensures that "the Smith case," "the amendments to [his] living trust," and his "very generous" "donation to The Children's Foundation" have all been settled. Once he's confirmed they've attended to every item on his agenda, he offers Raige his heartfelt thanks for her work that week, and slides an envelope out of his desk for her. The implication is that it's stuffed with bonus cash, and Raige hesitates before the boss man insists that she take it. "I know a good soul when I see one," he notes with a rueful smile. The boss man then nervously eyes the clock on his desk and urges her to leave immediately. "I'm sure your family would never forgive me if I kept you here after midnight," he explains. Raige smiles that she'll see him in the morning, and exits. "I wouldn't count on it," he mumbles to himself after she's closed the door.

Over by the elevators, Raige opens the envelope to find three hundred-dollar bills. She gapes, squints, and turns to head back into the office. Can you feel the excitement yet? Yeah. Didn't think so.

And you won't be feeling any here, either. Just as the digital desk clock flips up to midnight, a dark demonic force or two flame into the boss man's office. As Raige steps through the door, the boss man screams, "Behind you!" The demon behind Raige conjures a Flaming Ball Of Death, but Raige grabs his arm and slams him face-first into the wall. The unreleased FBOD makes contact with the demon's chest, and he explodes into a spray of sparks and fire. The remaining demon conjures another FBOD and hurls it at the boss man, who flips backwards over a chair from the impact, howling in agony. "Larry?" Raige breathes as she approaches her boss's lifeless form on the carpet. "Forget it, witch," the remaining demon sneers. "You lost him." The demon flares up and disappears through the floor. Dead Larry glows white, and his soul or spirit or whatever the fuck it is groans before following the demon down to Hell. Raige, stunned, places her hands on Dead Larry's corpse as we drop into the opening credits.

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