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Soul Soporific

Up in the attic, Raige has apparently summoned Keith, and he's responding to that summons by telekinetically kicking her ass. Dead Larry begs Keith to leave her alone, as she was just trying to help him and had no idea what that would involve. "You thought by vanquishing me, you'd save Larry?" Keith purrs. "As a matter of fact..." Raige snots before hurling a potion vial towards his chest. Keith conjures a Flaming Ball Of Vial-B-Gone, and the vanquishing potion vanishes in a harmless puff of smoke. "But you're a low-level demon!" Raige splutters. "You're not supposed to have that power!" "Lady," Keith calmly replies, "I haven't been low-level in years -- not since I started trading souls for powers. Wanna see?" With that, he conjures a Flaming Ball Of Death and hurls it at Raige. She spontaneously orbs out in place, allowing the FBOD harmless passage through her orb cloud to scorch the wall. Piper races into the room at this point, and for her trouble is telekinetically slammed backwards into the door by Keith. Raige darts to Piper's side as Keith growls, "For future reference: Even if you could vanquish me, it would only make things worse for [Dead] Larry." Keith goes on to quote the relevant section of the contract Dead Larry signed: "'All souls in my possession will burn in eternal flames upon my untimely demise.'" Raige is all, "Shit." Piper's all, "Raige, you fucking dumb-ass." Keith waves his hand around, and the shackles and leg irons rematerialize on Dead Larry's wrists and ankles. "Consider yourself repossessed," Keith sneers. He then flourishes his arm in the air, and he and Dead Larry flare orange and drop through the floorboards into the commercial break.

Back from the break, Phoebe applies an ice pack to Piper's bruised back while bitching in passing about the disappearance of both Big Gay Chris and the Dolt. Meanwhile, Raige stupidly intends to carry on with her asinine "Save Dead Larry" plan. How does she intend to do this? By finding Keith's vault of contracts and destroying them, thereby freeing Dead Larry along with all of the other souls Keith's ensnared in the past. Piper and Phoebe, needless to say, disagree, and announce their intention to destroy Keith before he absorbs any more power, and to Hell -- literally -- with Dead Larry and the other unfortunates. Raige flatly refuses to "sacrifice" her innocent. Piper sighs in frustration and tells her, "We don't have a choice. This is beyond your control. I'm sorry." Raige storms out in a wordless fit.

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