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Sympathy For The Literary Convention

Out in the main bar area, Phoebe settles in beside Gonzo on the sofa as Piper and Raige slouch over to the bar. Raige again proposes that they come up with some plan for assisting Cole, but Barbas flickers in to whisper words of dissent in Piper's ear. Piper dutifully repeats the words of dissent, noting that they "should just let it go." Raige snits that they can't let it go -- what if this unknown demon accesses Cole's Wicked Waste Land Mojo and tries to use it against them? Piper wobbles back in the direction of Raige's position on the matter until Barbas flickers back in with more whispering. Piper again repeats the line Barbas fed her, this time insisting that they remain aloof as far as Cole is concerned, as he's deceived them in the past with disastrous results. Raige takes "Jekyll and Hyde" Piper to task, but Piper just shows her the hand and wanders off. "Two against one," Piper shrugs as she walks away. "And you're always the one," Barbas sneers in Raige's ear.

Meanwhile, on a tiny outcropping of rock halfway down a vast well that ends in a lake of fire -- and I bet Kern's happy he held onto that set -- Barbas's essence returns to his body from its dissension-sowing foray above. A balding demon who bears a disturbing physical resemblance to Robert "Rocket" Romano occupies a nearby ledge. Apparently, Romanot and Barbas forged an alliance during their "eternal banishment" to adjacent ledges in "Purgatory." And here I always thought Purgatory was more of a great big snowed-in Greyhound station. Romanot taught Barbas the finer points of astral projection so that Barbas could flicker topside over the last few days to trick the Glamorous Ladies into giving him powers beyond comprehension, thereby allowing him to destroy them as payback for the two times The Late Lamented wiped him off the face of the earth. Got that? Good. Moving on.

Manor. Raige sprawls across her bed, paging through the Book of Shadows for anything resembling Cole's current affliction. The Dolt enters to admit that his superiors haven't a clue what's going on. "Ooh!" Raige snarks. "The Elders don't know anything! What a shock." That's either a shout-out, or Rose McGowan's ad-libbing again. Raige quickly cuts to the chase: Her instincts tell her there's something very wrong going on, and Piper and Phoebe are allowing their bias against Cole to cloud their judgment. The Dolt admits that as her Whitelighter, he believes she should heed her instincts. However, as her brother-in-law, he believes that defying her sisters is "suicide." Pantywaist. Raige sarcastically thanks him for clarifying the situation, and sends him on his way. Barbas flickers in behind her and, playing upon Raige's need for acceptance, urges her to strip Cole of his powers the way Phoebe did last season. Auuugh! For the last goddamned time, Phoebe did not strip Cole of his powers. Emma The Avenging Fiancée did. Rrrgh. Anyway, Barbas assures Raige that Piper and Phoebe will be terribly proud of her initiative, despite their recent statements to the contrary on the issue. Raige nods her head all, "What a cunning plan!" as Barbas flickers back out.

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