Sympathy For The Demon

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Sympathy For The Literary Convention

A lingering pan across the nighttime skyline lands us at Casa Del Cole. Raige wanders through the open door, calling for the demon of the house. He pounces from the shadows to wrestle her into submission, believing she's a Hell-sent beastie there to suck his brain out through his ear, or something. "You idiot!" Raige screams as she clocks him in the head. Heh. Cole snaps out of it and makes with the apologies. Raige brushes this aside and gets to the point. She whipped up a power-stripping potion based on the Demon Be Gone from last year (and the year before, actually), but altered the recipe enough to account for the Wicked Waste Land Mojo. She's now offering it to Cole as a permanent solution to his problems. Will he accept it? Cole frets that without his powers, he'll be unable to defend himself. Raige reminds him that without his powers, he won't be able to hurt anyone either -- especially Phoebe. Barbas flickers in to mumble something about taking one for the Feebs, so Cole shrugs off his reservations and accepts the proffered Demon Be Gone. It looks like a pony bottle of Listermint. He guzzles it down anyway and immediately drops to the floor in a stupor, but I'm sure his breath is minty-fresh. A crappy black CGI cloud wafts out of his chest and meanders across the room. Barbas flickers back in to absorb the lousy effects into his own glowing outline. After a moment, he corporealizes and grins, waving his hands in the air in triumph. Raige, startled, scampers across the room to her former in-law as Cole collects himself from the floor. Cole takes a look at the new arrival and sneers, instinctively drawing back his arm to fling an FBOD. Barbas conjures an FBOD with the purloined Waste Land Mojo and flicks the thing into Cole's jaw. Cole immediately hurtles backwards through the French doors, shattering them and sliding halfway across the balcony outside. Raige must have been whacked in the head with the stupid stick when I wasn't looking, for instead of bounding to Cole's side and orbing away with him immediately, she simply kneels on the shards of shattered glass to cradle his head in her arms while Barbas delivers his next four lines. "Thank you very much for setting me free," Barbas eventually croons. "Your sisters will be very proud of you." D'oh! Barbas, with his fresh mojo, smears out into the commercial break.

Manor. Aftermath. Out on the sun porch, Piper snits, "Barbas? You couldn't have brought back Andras or Shax or somebody we could actually vanquish?" Contrivance passes Continuity a Mai Tai and asks him if he's into threeways. Continuity flings the Mai Tai into Contrivance's face and storms out of the Manor. Meanwhile, the Dolt applies the tingly touch to the numerous lacerations on Cole's face. The gashes presently vanish, and Cole awakens to warn the ladies about Barbas. Piper coolly informs him that they're quite familiar with this particular Demon Of The Week before she and Phoebe go back to shrieking at Raige for her stupidity. I'm attributing Piper's behavior to the Words Of Dissent Barbas has been whispering into her ears over the last few days, and so will tolerate it for the time being. However, Phoebe's pulled this strident blame-casting shit before, so I'll just continue hating her, if that's all right with everyone. Raige repeatedly apologizes and offers to abuse the Book of Shadows as penance before Cole steps in to announce that, should Barbas use the purloined Wicked Waste Land Mojo to reorganize the Underworld and become the new Source, he'll become unstoppable. No, Cole. Barbas won't become the unstoppable new Source, because Barbas would need The Grimoire to do so, and The Grimoire is buried somewhere in the "west Andes." Remember? I'd suggest that you rough up Contrivance for driving Continuity from the Manor with that repellent proposition, but I think Contrivance would probably enjoy that.

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