The Courtship Of Wyatt's Father

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Sex And The Single Dolt

Fade up on a horde of grinning yuppies toting their rugrats through the balloon-festooned front door of Halliwell Manor. Seems the littlest Psycho's first-birthday party is in the process of breaking up three weeks after it should have occurred, and Piper and the Dolt stand in the main hall, doling out goodie bags to the remaining yuppies as they pass by on their way out of the house. Piper is drawing these goodie bags from a large and festive "Happy Birthday" sack she clutches against her torso to disguise the fact that Holly Marie Combs is, by now, four hundred and forty-seven weeks pregnant, but oops! Combs leans a little too far over at one point and inadvertently exposes her stomach. In a side view. And yeah, she really does look like a woman who's been pregnant for eight and a half years and counting. Girl is huge. She's going to drop that kid right there on the set if she's not careful. As Aaron Spelling deducts several thousand dollars from Combs's weekly paycheck because she had the gall to appear in one of his productions while visibly pregnant, Piper and the Dolt natter away with two of the remaining yuppie couples, and it's boring, so I'll note that one of the couples who just passed through the door was quite casually interracial, with the dad grinning hugely as he and his mixed-race toddler exited towards the porch. I mention this only because I recently read an article in the San Francisco Chronicle wherein a professor at Berkeley was being interviewed regarding the 3,200 marriage licenses issued to gay couples at City Hall in the last two weeks. She noted that most of her students were unaware that interracial marriage was illegal throughout the United States, generally with Biblical justifications, until California became the first jurisdiction to allow it in 1948, and that some of those same students "sort of gasp[ed]" in shock when they learned such marriages remained illegal in many parts of the country as late as 1967, when the Supreme Court struck down the miscegenation laws that then remained in the appropriately named Loving v. Virginia decision. One of the things not mentioned in the article is that an unenforceable anti-interracial-marriage provision existed in the Alabama state constitution until 2000, when voters in that state finally removed it. Just tossing all that out there to amuse you until something actually happens in this episode, which should be right about…

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