The Fifth Halliwheel

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Five More Reasons To Hate The Dolt

Down in Hell, three identical copies of the vanquished Corporate Nazi from earlier trade little glowing balls amongst themselves. Too funny. Were I a spiteful bitch, I'd assign each the name of a coworker I hate. Oh, wait. That's right. I am a spiteful bitch. While Jon Singer tosses Peter O'Connell a glowy orb and Ethan Hollander witnesses the trade, The Sole and the Dolt cautiously poke their heads around a corner to watch. Piper chooses to throw caution to the wind and stomps right on over to the Nazis' table. "Sorry to interrupt," she announces, "but I think one of you may have lost a power." Jon, that smug, sexist pig, rises first to demand, "Who the hell are you?" Back at the alcove, The Sole orders the Dolt to join Phoebe and Piper while he hauls Raige over. Piper makes with the Power of Three threats, but Jon The Smug, Sexist Pig isn't buying it. With one witch down, there is no Power of Three, he reminds them. Piper tries to blow him up, but the impact of her weakened power is only enough to push him back a few paces. Piper bluffs that "that was just a warning" shot and that next time, she'll "use full force." To her surprise, the bluff appears to work. Peter The Sniveling Toady and Ethan The Ivy League Idiot immediately drop to one knee and bow their respective heads. The Smug, Sexist Pig remains standing. We soon see why The Toady and The Idiot are scraping their foreheads against the ground. The Sole is shooting them the flippy beetle eye from behind Piper's back. When The Smug Pig asks The Toady, "What the hell are you doing?" Peter smokes him with an FBOD. You should have done that years ago, you worthless little shit. At The Sole's silent behest, The Toady and The Idiot hover over Raige and extract the power ball. Raige recovers immediately and stands beside Phoebe. Before the Manor gang turns to leave, Piper flicks her hand, destroying the remaining power balls with one gesture. "Hmph," she snarks. "Had enough power to do that." Raige, Phoebe, Piper, and the Dolt file out. The Sole hangs back and, addressing The Sniveling Toady and The Ivy League Idiot, raises a finger to his lips to hiss with a smirk, "Shhhh!"

Over in D'Eartha's neck of Hell, The Sole quietly contemplates the wedding band on his finger. D'Eartha appears, out of focus in the distance over his shoulder. "Why would you save [Raige] after everything you did to destroy her?" The Sole claims that the Ps would have managed to save her anyway. This way, he gets the credit. "Did you do it for the credit?" she asks rhetorically. "Or did you do it for love? I suppose there are some things even The Source can't defeat," she finishes snidely. The Sole wheels on her with a warning. She dismisses him, so you know she's more than a bit peeved. They've worked too hard, she reminds him, "to let a nugget of humanity destroy a legacy of evil." She claims that Cole saved Raige, not The Sole. The Sole avers that once Phoebe's knocked up, there's nothing Cole will be able to do to harm them or their plans for the baby. He asks D'Eartha to scan the future to see if Phoebe does indeed have a demon in the oven. D'Eartha's eyes cloud over for a moment. When they clear, she announces, "I see conflicting futures. Only time will tell." With that, she rays away from the loser to whom she entrusted the world's evil.

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