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Five More Reasons To Hate The Dolt

The Sole crosses into the parlor and asks Molly what happened to her earlier in the day. She snaps that she can't remember. The Sole glowers with impatience and places a hand above her head. A cone of blue light streams from Molly's hair into his palm as he asks, "Who attacked you?" Molly leaps to her feet all, "Stop touching me! Leave me alone! He's touching me!" The Sole swivels his head to see who received the last bit of that outburst and finds Raige standing behind him, twiddling her car keys nervously in her fingers. The three stand in tense silence for a moment before we cut away to commercial.

Back from the break, The Sole suddenly sports an alarming amount of cherry-red gloss on his lips. "I didn't hear you come in," he remarks in a threatening tone. Well, it's meant to be threatening, but with all that crap on his lips, the only modifier that really applies here is "simpering." We get a reaction shot of a cautiously quiet Raige, and then the gloss disappears. The glossless Sole approaches her and cracks a wide smile. "You look like you saw a ghost." No, she's just as freaked as I am that your lips can extrude and retract shiny rouge of their own accord, Sole. "I don't know what I saw," Raige hesitantly replies. "What were you doing to her?" Gloss on! The Sole puckers his lips. Gloss off! "I was comforting her," he explains, crossing away from Raige while gesturing to the sobbing Molly on the couch. Gloss on! The Sole shoots Raige a look of puckered concern. Piper and Phoebe clomp down the stairs with the Book of Shadows. Phoebe flings herself into The Sole's arms. "We have a problem," Raige states. Gloss off! The Sole stares at her from above Phoebe's head. Raige stammers that she meant they have a problem with Molly. Piper flips the Book open to an illustrated entry on "Demonic Power Brokers." A charcoal drawing approximating the corporate Nazi from the premonition glares out from the page. Gloss on! "Of course," The Sole says, releasing Phoebe from the embrace. Phoebe and The Sole's glossy lips explain that Demonic Power Brokers occasionally store "power balls" in unsuspecting humans to prevent mercenaries from stealing them. Raige reads from the entry: "A human being possessed of a demonic power will become confused, then frightened, paranoid, violent, and demonic, and will ultimately die if the power isn't withdrawn." Oh, God. This is a reference to crystal meth addiction, isn't it? No points for subtlety. Like this show ever earns any of those. As Phoebe exposits that a potion may be brewed to draw unwanted powers out of victims, The Sole surreptitiously wiggles his fingers over his jacket pocket, activating his pager. Gloss off! The Sole pretends he has to head back to the office and leaves, ominously eyeing Raige as he slides past.

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