The Fifth Halliwheel

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Five More Reasons To Hate The Dolt

Molly jumps up from the sofa to announce she must leave as well, as she has "a family to take care of." I think we're firmly in "frightened" territory here. The Ps calm her down again, convincing her to remain in the Manor. Piper offers to head to Molly's place of employment to settle things with Molly's boss, "Elise," but Raige quickly argues that Phoebe should be the one to go. Piper's "the best with potions," after all. Raige hands Phoebe the keys to the Volkswagen, and warily watches her exit. As soon as Phoebe's out the front door, Raige attempts to tell Piper what she saw. Piper cuts her off immediately. "There is nothing demonic about Cole," Piper insists, "and whether you like it or not, he's your brother-in-law. So whatever issues you have with him, you're going to have to take care of yourself." Piper slams the BoS shut and books out of the Manor to fetch some hyssop for the potion. Raige, exasperated, turns her attention to Molly. "Can I ask you a couple of questions?" Molly darts her eyes around like a pudgy-cheeked Renfield.

Outside, Piper climbs into the Jeep and drives off. The Sole watches her go from his car down the block, then pulls the Porsche up to the Manor steps. The Sole stares at the house from the street below.

Up in the parlor, Raige is having little luck extracting a coherent story from Molly. As a signal we're heading into the paranoia phase of Molly's decline, Molly ends the exchange with, "Who are you? Why did you bring me here?" The Dolt dolts into the background, asking for Piper. Raige crosses to him, explaining where Piper's gone and who Molly is and whatnot before leading him to the window seat for a private confab. "I think I saw Cole using magical powers," Raige whispers. The Dolt is shocked -- shocked -- at the news. Raige elaborates on her suspicions. There are the extravagant gifts and the fifty-thousand-dollar "company car" to consider, in addition to what she believes she saw him doing to Molly. Something's not quite right with the guy, and she's surprised she's the only one who notices. The Dolt is of the opinion that Raige is the only one who wants to notice such things. Raige is outraged. What the hell is that supposed to mean? It means that "no one wants to be the fifth wheel," the Dolt explains, and there he goes with the episode title. He then upbraids Raige for "judging Cole on his past." Raige gapes as the Dolt stands to exit.

Out on the porch, the Dolt carefully pulls the front door shut behind him, then blazes out. D'oh! The Dole! So sneaky is The Dole, is he not?

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